One GISHWHES to rule the world...

In order to dispose the world of the Kale haters we must first unionize GISHWHES. Once unionized, Misha Collins and Miss Jean Louis shall take their rightful places as rulers, rewarding all those brave enough to take their side with a cucumber kilt and a bag filled only with your favourite flavoured skittle. The future of the people is in your fingers. 



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    social bookmarking service, Russian Federation

    2 years ago Comments: u82lnR Thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! Cool.
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    2 years ago Comments: about the Giapo. I worked in the pecjrot and I love it. Bliss can say that itb4s expensive, but people buy it. And if they buy it, itb4s because itb4s good. For sure I tasted many ice creams and gelatos while I was in New Zealand, so I can say that the Giapo's one is the best that I try. I don't that the gelato doesnt have taste. For me and my friends, itb4s very good.The shop in Auckland, it's just the begginig. Probably there is some things that need to be fixed and improved, but I can bet that in a few time, Giapo will become a real love mark, that childrens will smile when they see all the stuffs that Giapo provide to them.
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    Sergejj, Vietnam

    2 years ago Comments: I think that's a bit unfair Gianpaolo amoynnous commenting is a right we all have, and one that I have used myself on occasion. I defend their right to do so, and I defend your right to reply. The only thing I will not defend is libel and comments that are clearly spam. Lucy and Bliss may be genuine or not but they did take the time to make a comment, and so they aregenuine comments. Many people will not comment in any other way they may be well know, shy or just don't want their name associated with negative comments. That's just how the internet works. Their feelings may reflect those of many others or not and readers cna make up their own minds. I suggest readers do so in the most obvious way possible by trying some of your gelato. oh and Giapo was packed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights last week. It's the middle of winter, so clearly Gianpaolo is doing a lot right. L
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