One Beach Path is Enough

**Please see the update below!**
The City of Long Beach wants to pave our sand beach with a new beach path that we don’t need. The construction will cost $5 million from the public’s Tidelands Funds, and the new path will be built 20 feet closer to the ocean with a 10 foot ‘dead-zone’ ribbon of sand between the two paths. Long Beach already has a beach path and one path is enough. A sand beach is a natural treasure and should be valued for its own recreational value, and preserved for the enjoyment of all visitors– not just bicyclists and runners. The sand beach is NOT city property. Normal beach towns respect their beach and attract visitors to take their shoes off, walk across the sand and enjoy the ocean. Long Beach is a beach town. When is it going to start acting like it? If you believe that one beach path is enough and that our sand beach in Long Beach should be protected then you need to do something about it today.

** There's good news and bad news resulting from the Coastal Commission hearing on 6/13/2013.  The good news is that the City did not get the project they wanted.  CC Commissioners voted to add conditions to the City's request to build this boondoggle and now, pending further details, the ENTIRE stretch of the path must be built on the inland side of the existing path. The bad news is that this alternative will cost $1.3M more from public Tidelands money due to added construction costs.  Those ugly storm drain culverts hitting our beach (3-4 of them along the path route) are owned and controlled by the LA County storm water department folks and with the added "inland condition" it's going to be a major engineering and construction feat to re-do the path bridges that cross over them.  This project is still alive and kicking so stay tuned for more information and please get your friends and neighbors to sign our petition. Thank you!


Residents of Long Beach who believe that one beach path is enough and who want to protect and preserve our sand beach.



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    Karen Adams, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Our beaches are a natural resource and need to be protected. They should not be concreted over to serve as roadways. Children and pedestrians would be at risk crossing these wide stretches of roadways on their way to enjoy the beach. Which would no longer be enjoyable due to the unsightly roadway, noise and traffic on their beaches. In addition, no environmental studies have been conducted on the impact of the bike path expansion nor has the public had the proper opportunity to weigh in on the matter. This decision has been quietly pushed through the coastal commission without being properly addressed.
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