Jeep Wrangler Owners excessive engine oil consumption

Do you own a 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011 JKJeep Wrangler that you have to add at least a quart or more of oil within 1500 miles or less on your fresh oil change.Chrysler says it must use at least 1 quart within a 1000 miles.This is unacceptiable.So If you have this problem please sign this petition.Thanks......



  • Kevin J Driscoll OIl changed every 3000 miles, first motor replaced at 25000, New long block still burning 1 quart @ 1000 miles

  • Anonymous 2011 JK less than 36K miles, still under warranty, it has a blown motor and Chrysler refuses to pay. Chrysler stated I should check oil at every fuel stop... didn't know I had a 1967 Camaro motor... I had no warning lights of any kind. Chrysler went on to say that if a check oil or check engine light did come on it was already too late and the damage has already been done... so apparently warning lights aren't really warnings but notification of failure... Chrysler rep also stated that it is normal for a this motor to burn up to 1 Qrt every 1000 miles... but it only holds 6 Qrts..? Recommended oil change is every 8K miles...? Sorry but that doesn’t add up... If 2 Qrts low is considered abusive by Chrysler and it burns 2Qrts in 2K miles the recommended oil change should be every 2K miles… Seems to make sense to me… My Chrysler rep is a lunatic, he makes some of the wildest claims ever… Just remember 2 things. Change your oil on a JK every 3500 miles at a maximum and use only a Jeep dealership. These are the grounds that they used to not pay my claim. That I didn’t change it a Jeep dealership and I should check the oil every time I get a fill up of fuel… Love my Jeep, it is my 3rd… Hate Chrysler..

  • Scot Badger My daughters 208 Jeep Wrangler has a 3.8L in it and I told the dealer that it was using oil with no links ,they changed the PVC value and changed the oil,6 QTs and oil filter ,I checked it when she got home on a level ground ,the oil show on the stick past the safe full mark and up over the half moon and a 1/4 passed it ,she took it in to be check and it had drop down to the top of the safe mark and a 1/8 below it at 890 miles to go on a 3000 mile oil change it was down below the bottom safe mark and 1/2 way to the bottom of the stick so I see that as using 2 1/2 Qts or 2 Qts at 2000 miles,they checked it and said that the accepted rate of oil consumption is 1 Qt ever 2000 miles and after 80,047 miles 1 qt ever 750 ,when i ask the man at the dealer after you put in 6 Qts of oil where would that be on the stick he said right at the top of the level safe ,but when I checked it it was pas the safe mark and over the half moon and then a 1/4 past that ,this was Ron auto manger at Mikes motors in Clinton,Indiana
    765-832-2411 and I talk to the manger of mikes Allen was his name and told him he agreed the oil has to be going some place that he would get a hold of Chrysler and get back with me,she got the Jeep at 54,000 miles on it and I have checked the oil and have been adding oil all most a year now has 71,725 on it.

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