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Franklin County Public Defender's Office/Courthouse: Remove Attorneys/Guardian Ad Litems (GALS), Edward Gemmer and Mary Beth Fisher

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Note:  A previous petition already reached 100 signatures on August 3rd, 2012.


Look up Ohio case number # 09DR-4727, Shakoor vs. Gemmer, for all of the details of this very disturbing case.


Attorneys, Edward Simon Gemmer and Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher should not be appointed by the courts to represent children. I need you to sign this petition directed at CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates, and the Franklin County Public Defender’s Office. I am a 77 year-old grandmother to eight grandchildren and nine great-grand children. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Toledo University. For many years, I worked in the Toledo Public Schools as a visiting teacher’s aide. My late schoolteacher husband was an educator and a Mississippi civil rights activist during the 1960s. We believe in standing up for injustice and we raised our children to do the same. This petition is about injustice. 

 I want you to know about Edward Gemmer and Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher and their corruption with stolen and tampered with emails and the malicious lies that they told to the Franklin County Domestic Courts. Their conduct should never have been tolerated. Ms. Fisher did everything possible to hurt a mother and child asking the court for help, because she was trying to protect Edward Gemmer, a fellow guardian ad litem and an Ohio Bar member. Ms. Fisher was the attorney/Guardian ad Litem appointed by a judge in Franklin County Domestic Relations Court in Columbus, Ohio. The case that she was appointed to was assigned Case # 09DR-4727, Shakoor vs. Gemmer.

 Shakoor vs. Gemmer was a divorce and custody case between my granddaughter and her husband Edward Simon Gemmer. Mr. Gemmer is a juvenile assistant public defender and guardian ad litem in the same Franklin County Courthouse where the case was heard. Ms. Fisher did everything possible not to have the following resolution to the highly contested divorce and custody case. She lied in and out court and if not stopped Ms. Fisher will do it again to another family. Edward Gemmer is a Franklin County employee working with juvenile offenders. He lied to the court and to his boss and did so throughout his divorce and custody case. After being separated for nearly two years, and living in separate residencies Mr. Gemmer stole tampered and altered emails in order to sabotage a sexual abuse investigation and to get the upper hand in a divorce and custody case. In the end, his efforts failed, but Edward Gemmer caused a lot of unnecessary emotional and financial pain. He needs to be held accountable for his conduct. It was egregious. 

 On Friday, February 24, 2012, Edward Gemmer signed a Joint Legal and Physical Custody and Shared Parenting Plan containing the specific language regarding his conduct: 

 "(a.) Neither party shall be intentionally nude in front of the minor child and shall not bathe with the minor child. (b.) During each party's parenting time, the minor child shall be responsible for bathing herself and administering any topical medications as physically practical to herself. (c.) Each party shall provide the minor child with her own bed in their respective residences." 

 These matters were placed in the final Order at the request of my granddaughter and due solely to concerns about the conduct of Edward Gemmer with the minor child. These safe guards are in the parenting plan despite Ms. Fisher’s corruptive tactics. My granddaughter received most of what she was asking for nearly 18 months; therapy for Edward Gemmer and safeguards in place for her little girl. 

 It should be noted that Mr. Gemmer refused to sign the final divorce decree and shared parenting plan if there was any language forbidding him to sleep with his then 5 ½ year old daughter. During settlement discussions, the judge angrily told him that the child was almost six years old and that he needed to learn how to set appropriate boundaries. 

 Whereas, court appointed guardian ad litem, Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher, she did everything to try and destroy a good and devoted mother by making up lies about my granddaughter and our family. She did not care what Edward Gemmer did with his daughter. In fact, she lied on his behalf and made excuses for his reckless behavior. Mr. Gemmer did this while being investigated for sexual abuse and without any regard for the child's persistent complaints. 

 If Mr. Gemmer was innocent of any wrong doing, why did Ms. Fisher need to make up lies with stolen and out of context emails? Why did she try to use her fabricated interim reports to tamper with witnesses. My granddaughter was being bullied for years by her ex-husband, a juvenile public defender who should have known better than to be inappropriate with his daughter. All of this and more troubling concerns are on the record. 

 I am furious that Ms. Fisher is still able to hurt other Ohio County families. She should be removed from the CASA GAL listing. And, if Edward Gemmer cannot distinguish between inappropriate boundaries with his own child, how can he advocate for the children that he is assigned to as a guardian ad litem? 
Family members and friends will post petitions again and again, if required, so that Ohio families are warned that guardian ad litem, Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher, and Edward Gemmer were allowed to behave in an unethical and rogue fashion. Children are at risk in Franklin County Domestic Courts and in other counties in Ohio. Multiple letters of complaint have been filed with the court expressing outrage about the level of corruption that was not addressed. 

 Ms. Fisher’s lies to protect Edward Gemmer were wrong, malicious and dangerous to the basic well-being of an innocent child, my great-granddaughter. I feel that Ms. Fisher should rethink her vocation because she is not a child advocate. She only cares about protecting careers and at any cost. Mr. Gemmer is not a child advocate either, because he had to be forced to get help, and he has threatened to use his connections in the court again, if he is held accountable. They are both an embarrassment to the law field and to the Franklin County Domestic courts. They pled the 5th on the witness stand more times than common criminals, and letters of complaints regarding their conduct are on the record. GAL CASA rules have been flagrantly disregarded and not applicable to these attorneys. Why are they not being held to a higher standard? What about other children? What they did with stolen and tampered with emails and not one shred of evidence to support their lies was over the top and inexcusable. A "scare tactic" to frighen a mother from protecting her little girl has no place in the court of law. 

 Prior to the settlement of the case, Ms. Fisher’s conduct went beyond receiving stolen and altered email communications provided to her by Edward Gemmer, to changing their original context, to lying to the court about my granddaughter’s interactions with the minor child’s physician which lead to a chastisement by the judge. Ms. Fisher made numerous false and slanderous allegations about my granddaughter and the Shakoor family, but she NEVER brought forth a solitary witness to substantiate her lies to the court. Not ONE witness or documentation supported her outlandish lies to the court. Throughout the proceedings Ms. Fisher conveyed a general pattern of bias and harassment. Ms. Fisher adopted this pattern of bias before she met the child or any primary caregivers. Her main objective was to safe-guard Mr. Gemmer from the consequences of his inappropriate behavior with his daughter. Ms. Fisher’s actions were reprehensible and indicative of money/greed and the power to corrupt a process.

 Edward Gemmer has bragged for years that he will never pay child support and he will be protected by his job. It is essential for children that Mr. Gemmer becomes a better father and role-model. How can he advocate for Ohio children, if he has no morals, and is inclined to bully and intimidate women to back off? I know my granddaughter was greatly intimidated by his status in the court. At the end of the case, when the judge encouraged settlement talks, she told my granddaughter not to be of afraid, that Edward Gemmer is “only a public defender.” What the judge failed to acknowledge is that with Edward Gemmer’s ties in the community and in the court system, it was a major conflict of interest and unfair to my granddaughter. He had also accessed her private email account during a custody case and nothing was done about it. He did it at work. And, with Ms. Fisher lying on Mr. Gemmer’s behalf and tainting witnesses, my granddaughter had reason to be fearful of corruption. 

 Ms. Fisher did nothing but make excuses for the multiple times that Mr. Gemmer perjured himself on the stand and pled the 5th Amendment against self-incrimination. Ms. Fisher also pled the 5th and perjured herself repeatedly. They are both guardian ad litems with questionable character. Why are they allowed impunity? Why are they above the law? Ms. Fisher should be removed from CASA GAL listing immediately. A child is one day going to be irreparably harmed and the courts will be responsible. 

 Voluminous court documents, damning transcripts of Mr. Gemmer entering his wife's email account without permission, and Ms. Fisher admitting to altering emails, as well as their pleadings filled with unsubstantiated lies are available for review. This case arose out of sexual abuse and misconduct allegations involving Mr. Gemmer after he admittedly began to shower naked with my great-granddaughter shortly after she turned four years old in July of 2010. Mr. Gemmer never showered with the child before she turned four years old, and his actions never came to light until the minor child complained about his actions to her mother. My great-granddaughter complained repeatedly while Mr. Gemmer made one excuse after another. He also told my granddaughter that if she brought the matter to court, he would use his connections to hurt her and he did. Over a course of months, Mr. Gemmer escalated his inappropriate behavior, and this was despite temporary orders regarding his conduct and showering naked with the child. It was as though he was playing a sick game. 

Now we know that he was illegally accessing my granddaughter’s Gmail account. Mr. Gemmer was privy to her pleadings, correspondences with attorneys, children services, police officers, and with the child’s therapist. This is unethical and as an attorney he knew better. Edward Gemmer was privy to an argument that this family had regarding what to do about his inappropriate behavior with his daughter. Yet, he did not stop his behavior on his own. He tried to get away with while the child complained over and over again. What good father behaves this way? Due to the privacy concerns of my 6 year old great-granddaughter, specific details of the concerns and allegations will be left out of this petition, but numerous documents are available for review regarding Franklin County Domestic Case # 09DR-4727, Shakoor vs. Gemmer. Attorney Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher was appointed by the court in the spring of 2011.

 My granddaughter's then attorney, requested Ms. Fisher as a guardian ad litem (GAL), despite a request for a GAL from out of the county, because she was concerned about apparent conflicts of interest. Shortly after Ms. Fisher's appointment to the case, she recommended that Mr. Gemmer's parents supervise Mr. Gemmer for a couple of overnight visits (during this time my granddaughter was forbidding unsupervised visitation, until Mr. Gemmer agreed to supervised visits and therapy in order to better understand appropriate boundaries with the minor child), along with family counseling. My granddaughter rejected this "offer" as Ms. Fisher had at the time refused to meet with the minor child and countless witnesses and caregivers. She seemed only concerned about protecting Mr. Gemmer, because he was worried about people finding out that he needed to be supervised with his own daughter. My granddaughter was also rejecting Mr. Gemmer's parents due to the fact that they had physically attacked her in the fall of 2010. 

My granddaughter was eight-months pregnant and while carrying the minor child, she was thrown onto her stomach THREE times by Mr. Gemmer’s father. Her now former mother-in-law snatched the hysterical child from her arms. Edward Gemmer’s father then fled with the child in his car, which is kidnapping. My granddaughter crying and having contractions was able to call the Sheriff's department. My great-granddaughter was screaming “Mommy” “Mommy” “I want my Mommy.” Her mother was taken to the hospital and was later by police escort reunited with her daughter that evening. It was shocking and terrifying. How many people would attack a pregnant woman? A very small percentage would stoop this low. Edward Gemmer’s father was placed in the magistrate's Temporary Order in the fall of 2010, as being forbidden from being around my great-grand child unsupervised. The August 31, 2010 attack occurred after Edward Gemmer had read details in my granddaughter’s email account about the naked showering and potential witnesses supporting her Emergency Custody Order.

 He removed the child from preschool and fled to his parent’s house in Scioto County, Lucasville, Ohio with the intention of keeping his daughter there until and unless my granddaughter decided against going forward with her concerns and allegations in court. Because Ms. Fisher had been provided a detailed account of the events above, and the fact that the minor child had to undergo therapy for 6-months because she had witnessed the assault on her mother, my granddaughter wisely rejected Ms. Fisher's initial offer and filed a motion for her removal. This is when Ms. Fisher retaliated by writing a malicious interim report laced with the out of context and stolen email communications. The stolen emails in her 1st Interim Report and Recommendations were provided by Edward Gemmer from my granddaughter’s Gmail account. Some of these communications were missing head shots, dates and times. They were pulled apart and taken out of context in order to get the upper hand in a divorce and custody case. Tampering with emails is a State and Federal offense, yet nothing was done to Edward Gemmer and Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher to address their criminal and unethical behavior.

 At this point, my granddaughter was acting pro se due to an inability to secure committed and effective counsel in Franklin County due to conflicts of interest. The Shakoor family sensed serious problems about attorney concerns regarding future referral opportunities, after going “against” a fellow member of the Ohio Bar. However many attorneys off the record have said that what our family experienced was a travesty, and that the case should never have been heard in Franklin County Courts where Edward Gemmer worked and is a GAL. That even with the best intentions, it was not going to be a fair process. They were absolutely correct. 

Prior to the hearing of the first motion to remove her, on June 13, 2011, Ms. Fisher wrote and filed her first Interim Report and Recommendations, in which it was revealed for the first time that Edward Gemmer had been spying in my granddaughter’s email account during child abuse allegations and investigations. In this report, Ms. Fisher took communications provided to her by Mr. Gemmer and his attorney and they intentionally moved words and sentences out of their original context and placed them in times and events that had nothing to do with the original context. Ms. Fisher never contacted or consulted Ms. Shakoor about this invasion of her email account, and never placed the original, stolen emails to her report, so that the court could see the original context and dates. THIS IS APPALLING. Reputable guardian ad litems would never stoop to this level. 

Ms. Fisher did this after my granddaughter did not accept her backdoor deal that did nothing to address the concerns about inappropriate conduct. When Ms. Fisher made her first offer, she recommended that my granddaughter remain the residential and school placement parent. After the offer was rejected, Ms. Fisher recommended that Edward Gemmer have full custody and psychological evaluations for my granddaughter and members of her family. She never ever said a negative thing about Mr. Gemmer’s family, the ones who beat up a pregnant mother. Ms. Fisher foolishly violated State and Federal laws by tampering with stolen emails in order to safeguard Edward Gemmer. -My granddaughter informed Ms. Fisher upon receipt of the first Interim Report and Recommendations, that her email account had been violated by Mr. Gemmer without her knowledge or permission and that she and her family's words were deliberately taken out of context. It should be noted that Mr. Gemmer downloaded emails from my granddaughter’s email account on September 30th, and the first week of October of 2010, after reading about how my granddaughter, her mother, and brother were arguing about how to handle the fact that the minor child returned home upset from an unsupervised visit with Mr. Gemmer. The child was complaining about some things that allegedly occurred at her father’s apartment. Everyone was in agreement that the child was harmed in some way. What was heatedly exchanged and miscommunicated was how to handle it. 

 What is pertinent is that Edward Gemmer knew from reading the Shakoor emails for weeks, (and months) was that there were concerns about his unsupervised visits, and that “perpetrators” in the letter from Nationwide Children Hospital really meant that both the Gemmer men, father and son should not be alone with the child until the sexual abuse investigation was complete. This letter came too late to get to the judge and Edward Gemmer was playing games and smirking about it. The child was very upset and not wanting to be alone with her father. This is what was upsetting the family, the child’s persistent, troubling and unusual complaints. My granddaughter, the mother, was enduring a high risk pregnancy, and she was traumatized from being beat up by Mr. Gemmer’s parents, and feeling threatened, and indignant about the stigma of sexual abuse. Edward Gemmer, who used to be her best-friend was laughing at her misery and past abuse. He exploited his former wife and his own daughter when he unethically retrieved private email communications and lied about the content. 

 Despite the fact that GAL recommendations are followed a majority of the time, Ms. Fisher’s first Interim Report and Recommendations, with the stolen, altered, and out of context email communications, was completed ignored, and not one solitary letter of it was enforced by the court upon my granddaughter. Ms. Fisher should have been booted off the case then. This family had also filed police and FBI reports. We gave them the stolen unauthenticated emails and asked for a full investigation. 

 However, the magistrate’s refusal to remove Ms. Fisher was likely to protect her "reputation" and the judgment of the senior judge who appointed her to the case. Although, he eventually wrote a bad “Temporary Order” that was not supported by the record, he was careful not to legitimize Ms. Fisher’s corrupt 1ST Interim Report and Recommendations by enforcing it. Then shortly the judge overseeing the case, absolutely did not support Ms. Fisher’s recommendations. She also opined that it probably should not have been written. What Ms. Fisher wrote were lies after lies and she should be ashamed to call herself a GAL. GAL, Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher should have been removed immediately for lying to the court because with good reason my granddaughter could never trust this woman. I feel my granddaughter civil rights were violated. And, as a person born in Mississippi, I have strong feelings when someone is forced to work with someone who has violated their civil rights. This is the United States of America and when you tell a court system you cannot work with someone, they should listen to your concerns. In this case, it was in the best interest of the child that Ms. Fisher was removed. Since my granddaughter was forced to “work” with Ms. Fisher, she asked Ms. Fisher to consent to being audio-taped and video-taped while in her home and around her family, so that Ms. Fisher’s lies and misleading of the court could be curtailed. Unsurprisingly, Ms. Fisher declined such an offer and my daughter continued to refuse to allow her any access to this family. But, Ms. Fisher was still allowed to remain on the case and so she was able by influence to taint potential witnesses. She passed around her GAL Interim reports and Recommendations as though they were sanctioned by the court. Ms. Fisher on behalf of Edward Gemmer, she was a liability to the court and to my great-granddaughter. -Prior to an evidentiary hearing in September of 2011, Ms. Fisher filed a second Interim Report and Recommendations with more slanderous lies that included lying about the living arrangements of Ms. Shakoor. This woman made up stories when she could have learned the truth. It is her job to investigate and not fabricate information. She should be removed from the CASA GAL listing immediately.

 During an evidentiary hearing in September of 2011, my granddaughter put forth EIGHT witnesses, including a child sexual abuse expert and author that recommended to the court that Mr. Gemmer would benefit from counseling. This expert also explained “grey area” sexual abuse and that “unsubstantiated” sexual abuse does not mean “not guilty.” Mr. Gemmer called ONE witness, the minor child’s referral dependant therapist, whose relationship with my granddaughter was deliberately fractured by the corruptive influence of Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher. The minor child’s therapist perjured herself, by any objective look at her testimony, and was effectively impeached with her own therapy notes. Against CASA GAL rules, this therapist was tainted by two lying filled GAL Interim reports and recommendations written by Ms. Fisher. THIS IS WITNESS TAMPERING. The magistrate should have known better than to rely on the therapist’s testimony, over eight solid witnesses. Ms. Fisher should be removed from Franklin County GAL referral listing for witness tampering and for misleading the court. What she did was reprehensible and dangerous to a child, my great-granddaughter. The therapist also on the stand admitted to having “moderate” experience with children under five-years old. Still she said my granddaughter was “genuine” about her concerns and she could not say the family was not same. 

 But, the therapist was also reluctant to admit that she had initiated the 2nd sexual abuse investigation of Mr. Gemmer. In fact, the therapist called Fairfield County DJFS repeatedly. The intake investigator ignored her phone calls and therapy notes. Fairfield/ Franklin County CSB officials have stated to my granddaughter that due to “conflicts of interests” that they will never take another case involving Mr. Gemmer, should new allegations arise. It is no wonder, why Attorney Edward Gemmer is concerned about bar grievances being filed against him. And despite the libelous and slanderous allegations made by Mr. Gemmer and Ms. Fisher against the Shakoor family relating to email communications, he is the ONLY person to have been investigated for any wrongdoing. This family has asked for state and federal intervention regarding the illegal email invasion, with full access to all communications regarding the Shakoor v. Gemmer case. Transcripts relating to Mr. Gemmer’s testimony are accessible. 

 Furthermore, Ms. Fisher was made aware that the Fairfield County Children’s Services Intake Caseworker who investigated Mr. Gemmer in March of 2011 had deliberately gone against agency protocol in order to protect him. After receiving stolen emails from my granddaughter’s Gmail account that were provided by Mr. Gemmer, the intake officer did the forensic interview instead of the Fairfield County Child Advocacy Center. This is a blatant conflict of interest. She did not call or inform the Shakoor family about receiving stolen email communications. She should have and she deliberately did not find out the truth. It should be noted here that Edward Gemmer was a clerk prosecutor in Fairfield County. Ms. Fisher should have investigated and corrected this controversy for the child’s sake. Instead, she became an even larger corruption and made false and slanderous allegations. Once more, Ms. Fisher NEVER brought forth ONE witness to support her lies. Her 1st Interim Report and Recommendation became an embarrassment to the courts, and not one of her “recommendations” were followed. 

 A few days after the September 2011 ECO hearing had started and after Mr. Gemmer's father had perjured himself on the stand, Ms. Fisher and Edward Gemmer conspired and removed my great-granddaughter from her kindergarten class. Mr. Gemmer met up with his parents and the child slept on the floor of a hotel room. He refused to say where he was located and did not allow the child to speak to her mother. This was the 2nd time he had tried to influence the outcome of a hearing and with his parents help as well. My granddaughter and this family was very upset. The police and the FBI were contacted. My daughter received a call that evening from the police stating that the child would be brought back to school the next morning, and if she was not returned to call them again. What is reprehensible is that the child had a nightmare when she was at the hotel. She told her mother that she was afraid that she would not be brought home. Ms. Fisher had also "interviewed" the child, which is against school policy for guardian ad litems without a witness to questioning.. My granddaughter filed a contempt of court against Mr. Gemmer and Ms. Fisher. Even the magistrate stated that their conduct "was not in the best interest of the child." These two attorneys should not be guardian ad litem. 

 On July 13, 2011, Mr. Gemmer testified to being in his wife’s Gmail account without her permission and to providing the emails to children services. Then he lied under oath and said he had opened the Gmail account himself and given his wife “permission” to use it. It was ridiculous, and Edward Gemmer and his attorney got away with telling this lie in open court. It cannot be disputed that having altered and stolen emails in advance of the interview of the child would affect the quality of the forensic interview. The Fairfield County sexual abuse investigator told my granddaughter that Mr. Gemmer called her daily on the hour. She was obviously under tremendous pressure to ignore my great-granddaughter’s complaints and the child’s therapist who was calling her repeatedly. 

 In December of 2011, the wise and retired judge took over the case and resolved the matter. She is around my age and I know she must have had some concerns about fairness and justice to a mother who had lost everything trying to prove her case in “grey-area” sexual abuse. In fact, I feel that prior to the appointment of the guardian ad litem, Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher, the process was for the most part fair in her courtroom. I had pretty good faith in her judgment. This was despite her Decision and Entry which removed my grandson, pro hac vice status. I felt the judge made a tactical mistake because she was influenced by Ms. Fisher and her outrageous lies, and my granddaughter’s attorneys being bullied off the case. My granddaughter wrote a response to that order that was essentially a Change in Venue. 

 However, I remain upset by how the magistrate took my testimony and turned it around when he knew that I was disgusted that he had not removed Ms. Fisher from the case and he did not have a good handle of his courtroom. I refused to answer Ms. Fisher’s questions and I told the magistrate that she should not be on the case. In my opinion, this magistrate was too young and too inexperienced to handle such a highly contested divorce/custody case. He also had conflicts of interest from attorney peers whom he had not too long worked beside. Early on there was also the pressure of the daily appearance of public defender friends of Mr. Gemmer, who knew nothing about the case. A letter to the Head Public defender office got them back to their desk and not wasting our taxpayer funds. I wrote a letter to the county prosecutor. I am furious that my family went through such a sham of a divorce/custody case. 

 However, it should be noted that the Magistrate did see fit to put restrictions on Mr. Gemmer’s father. On the other hand, Ms. Fisher never considered in any of her reports, pleadings, statements or affidavits anything negative about Mr. Gemmer’s parents, which is obvious and blatant bias. In broad daylight they beat up a pregnant mother as she legally held her child in her arms. In fact, Ms. Fisher aided the elder Gemmer throughout his perjures testimony during the September 2011 proceedings. This woman is demonstrative and she knew that the minor child had received counseling for witnessing the attack on her mother, and for being kidnapped by her crazed paternal grandfather. These former in-laws have never had the decency to apologize for beating up a pregnant mother and traumatizing their only grandchild. Ms. Fisher supported this kind of behavior. She most certainly should not be a Franklin County guardian ad litem. Edward Gemmer due to his conduct and unethical behavior should be removed as well and immediately. 

 This family is determined to tell concerned citizen what happened in Franklin County Courts, because what Mr. Gemmer and Ms. Fisher did should not be tolerated. He is an attorney and so is she. They are not above the law. They are supposed to be guardian ad litems not cyberspace criminals breaking Federal and State Law by tampering, altering, taking out of context and disseminating stolen email communications. -

Importantly, on the morning of the settlement agreement, and during private negotiations separate from the judge, Ms. Fisher urged Mr. Gemmer not to settle the case, and informed him that, she could still “get him full custody.” (This was supposed to be an objective child advocate, and the parties were still in the middle of the proceedings and Ms. Fisher's “investigation" was “incomplete”). This was stated in the presence of my granddaughter and her boyfriend/witness. 

Furthermore, Ms. Fisher requested that my granddaughter sign “mutual releases”, in exchange for a substantially reduced GAL fee, if she and our family agreed not to file bar complaints against her. Ms. Fisher wrote in a partial admission to the Administrative Magistrate of Franklin County:

 “I was willing to give Ms. Shakoor an estimate based on a substantially reduced fee. I also offered for us to sign mutual releases to give both of us closure.” 

 It should be noted that my granddaughter and no member of our family requested or has any concern about a release for “closure”. No one in our family has engaged in any wrongdoing. Ms. Fisher’s request for “closure” is based on the fact that she is fearful of bar complaints. She does want to be held accountable for her egregious conduct. Ms. Fisher offered to reduce her “fee” in the excess of thousands of dollars in an effort to persuade my granddaughter and our family to not file bar complaints against her. As it is, Ms. Fisher’s $20,000 plus fee is outrageous, bogus, inflated and corrupt. 

She willfully engaged herself and reputation in order to protect Edward Gemmer from his own conduct. There was no benefit to my granddaughter and great-granddaughter. It is blackmail. It is extortion that she feels that my granddaughter should pay for her corruption. It is unconscionable, her audacity. But the fact that Ms. Fisher is willing to reduce her “fee” in these rough economic times, in an effort to prohibit bar complaints against her, should be a red flag to those responsible for protecting the well-being of children that she’s supposed to represent. (Documents relating to this coercive conduct on the part of Ms. Fisher are available for review in the court files, including letters and coercive emails from Ms. Fisher). I feel she is trying to blackmail a young mother who has lost everything trying to protect her little girl. The Franklin County Domestic Courts should NOT condone this kind of behavior. It is a travesty. 

 Similarly, Edward Gemmer has threatened my granddaughter personally and via email if bar grievances are filed against him, in regards to his illegal and unethical intrusion into her personal email account, not to mention his countless lies and perjuries in open court and in court documents. I am extremely disappointed in this young man. Edward Gemmer needs to apologize to this family for all the trouble that he caused. Throughout the marriage Edward Gemmer bragged that he had connections in the court, and he would be protected and that he would never pay child support. What a dead-beat dad, this attorney and guardian ad litem. But, there is no need to worry, because my great-granddaughter will be well provided for by this family. Currently, the child has dance, gymnastics, swimming lessons, toys, beautiful clothes and she adores her little brother. Most important, she is extremely intelligent. She is a beautiful child, happy, and thriving in primarily her mother’s care. 

 Mr. Gemmer’s main idea of parenting is not by providing for his child or even attempting to comb the child’s hair. Throughout the marriage he did not buy clothing or shoes for the child. When she was an infant and needed expensive formulae, my granddaughter had to put the cost on her credit card. The maternal grandmother reduced her business to care for the child, because Mr. Gemmer was unwilling to make the financial sacrifice. The court was also made aware of the deplorable living conditions of Mr. Gemmer’s apartment where cat hair, feces, vomit and filth was routine. The court was made aware that before the relationship deteriorated that my granddaughter and her mother often cleaned and decorated his apartment so that it was habitable for the child. Lying Ms. Fisher visits his apartment one time and all is well. The court was made aware and Mr. Gemmer acknowledged on the witness stand to watching hours of on-line pornography. The court was made aware and learned the hard way that Mr. Gemmer did not take his child to the doctor if she was sick or complaining about pain. Mr. Gemmer and Ms. Fisher both lied and both were impeached by pediatric records that indicated that the mother and grandmother took care of his daughter when she needed to go to the doctor. The court also witnessed Mr. Gemmer and his attorney giggling about Mr. Gemmer not taking the child to the doctor when she had a painful vaginal infection. What in the hell was so funny about neglect? 

 However, since the final Shared Parenting Plan with special provisions that came about because of Edward Gemmer’s behavior, my great-granddaughter has not made any more complaints about inappropriate touching. I am very thankful that the child when she is with her father, her most serious complaints are now regarding missing her mother and little brother, whom both she adore. 

 But, we must keep in mind that a key reason why TWO sexual abuse investigations against Mr. Gemmer came back “uncorroborated,” is because Mr. Gemmer--a member of the Ohio bar--invaded and spied into my granddaughters email account and had access to attorney/client privileged information, therapist communications, communications with law enforcement, and communications between my granddaughter and her family. Mr. Gemmer had possession of the minor child before and while investigations were occurring against him, with the ability to know what was being said about him, and with the ability to threaten and/or manipulate the minor child from disclosing more details. Mr. Gemmer also took isolated and then altered communications from my granddaughter’s email account, out of context and without her permission, and provided them to investigating agencies that he used to work with, and still had friends and associates to protect him. 

 It is a red flag that Mr. Gemmer replaced one computer at home and another computer of his was replaced at work for a "virus", since the summer of 2010, when concerns about his conduct and activity arose. Two computers are missing. This should be alarming to sex abuse investigators, because Mr. Gemmer admitted on the stand to accessing my granddaughter’s Gmail account to find out what was being said about him suddenly “showering naked” when the child turned four-years old. This was two-months before a sexual abuse investigation and the separated couple was getting along just fine. In fact, both families in June of 2010 celebrated the child’s birthday and Father’s day together. Why did Edward Gemmer ruin a 10 year harmonious relationship between two families by becoming inappropriate with the child and then by escalating his behavior rather than stopping his conduct? 

Edward Gemmer should have been thoroughly investigated by the Columbus police and the FBI. And, he most certainly should be removed from Franklin County Public Defender GAL listing because he is a liability and proven not to be trustworthy. How many fathers, much less an attorney, would find himself in Mr. Gemmer’s predicament and need so much corruption to safeguard him? 

 It may or may not be of significance that such corruption occurred in this case while my granddaughter is black, and Mr. Gemmer, Ms. Fisher, and everyone else involved are white. However, what is indisputable is the fact that Ms. Fisher works off of referral opportunities. She deliberately lied in court and in two GAL Interim Reports. Ms. Fisher should be held accountable for her corruption. Again, if Edward Gemmer cannot distinguish between inappropriate boundaries with his own child, how can he advocate for the children he is assigned to as a guardian ad litem? It took TWO sexual abuse investigations for Mr. Gemmer to begin to behave appropriately with his child and TWO court orders. 

 I as the grandmother and great-grandmother in this family humbly request the help from supporters of the site to help bring this corruption to light, by holding attorney/Guardian ad Litem, Mary Beth Kelleher Fisher and Franklin County Juvenile Public Defender, Edward Gemmer accountable for their corruptive behavior. And, I encourage you not to be afraid to speak up and to write letters to the court. Please sign this petition and have your family and friends to sign as well. The safety and well-being of countless children depends on it. Thank you very much for your support.





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