Petition for OFF LEASH Dog Area in Guelph Park

Petition for OFF LEASH Dog Area in Guelph Park 
  • There are 15,000 dogs registered in the city of Vancouver.
  • Many dogs are registered in the Mount Pleasant area. 
  • Charleson Park is the nearest OFF LEASH Area 2.6 KM away from Guelph Park. 
  • Trout Lake is the 2nd nearest OFF LEASH Area 3 KM away from Guelph Park. 
  • Neither of these parks are located in Mount Pleasant. 
  • Currently there are no OFF LEASH areas in Mount Pleasant. 
  • As dog owners, we get fined for having a dog OFF LEASH in the park, although the dog or the owner has done nothing to harm or cause a disturbance to the park, the other park users, or other dog owners. 

  1. To provide a common area, where dogs can play and learn to socialize with others dogs and people. 
  2. To develop a beautiful, well-maintained space open to all dog lovers and friends who are willing to uphold the park's rules and restrictions. 
  3. To view this park as a community project, in partnership with the Mount Pleasant Community, designed to satisfy the needs of dog-owners and non-dog owners alike. 

  1. We, the petitioners, request a DESIGNATED OFF LEASH AREA as mapped out below. 
  2. Just like Charleson Park we request off-leash times to be 6am to 10pm year-round.
  3. Please sign the Petition below.  Thanks for your support.


Note the absence of OFF LEASH dog parks in and around Guelph Park.


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  • Brian Horswill ...being in our parks.

    Sorry, hit the button...

  • Brian Horswill I think people get to concerned about the what ifs in our society. Dogs are allowed in cafés in paris, beaches in San Francisco and Mexico and those places are still standing, and thriving. Dogs are not running loose everywhere but are just a part of society. No matter how many rules we place on this, pets are a part of our society. It is up to the owners to ensure safety (including hygiene) and take responsibility for their dogs' actions. There are no reasons why Guelph park can not be a place for humans and dogs. From my experience many parks that are on leash parks have people walking their dogs off leash all the time and I have never seen an incident. This includes areas with schools, playgrounds, tai chi groups, and baseball games etc. Perhaps we could find a way to de-legislate this issue; fine people for committing offences. Just as we giving tickets for speeding but being allowed to drive, but not ban dogs from

  • Olga Haralabous I disagree with this petition. I live near Guelph park and have lived in the neighbourhood for almost ten years. Population growth has significantly increased along with the number of dogs in the area. I love dogs, however, Guelph park is not the right place for a dog park. Here are the reasons why:
    -dogs are always off leash in this park. Dog owners disrespect the rules. Will they abide to other rules such as picking up after their dogs?
    -the park Is too small for the numbers of dogs that visit each day. Dogs and and their owners often congregate in the middle of the park, the most functional space for everyone in the park. I sometimes have to avoid a running dog or ball in the air when I walk through the park.
    -the proposed off leash area is right beside a playground and school. I have seen off leash dogs rushing at children and running through the on leash playground area. This can pose a potential danger to children.
    -the multitude of dogs that visit each day have caused damage to the park. The middle of the park (where the dogs normally are) is a mud pit. The grass has been torn up. There are a number of holes in the park now, likely dog up by dogs. I avoid walking through the grass area of the park now as it is too muddy. Will dog owners pay for the repair of the park that their dogs have damaged?

    I appreciate that dog owners want to have the convenience of walking out the door and running their dog around in a park. However, the park is too small to accommodate all the dogs and everyone else. The park is for everyone, not just dog owners. If the park turns into an off leash park, I expect the amount of dogs at the park would increase and alienate others who should be able to use the park.

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    Adrienne Law

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    Comments : Also, the park on St.Catherines and 6th (China creek park north) is very underutilized, especially in the winter months when there are no organized sports. Oftentimes, dog owners and their dogs are the only ones there. It would be great to see an off-leash area established there, even if it is seasonal. One side is already fenced, the other is a hill, and a third is a traffic calmed road in front of a daycare with speedbumps, a prime set up for off-leash doggies to run safety.
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