Off Leash Dogs at Victor Jones

6.10.030 Leashing of dogs required
No owner or keeper of a dog shall allow or permit such dog, whether licensed or unlicensed, to be or run at large in or upon any public place or premises, or in or upon any private place or premises other than those of the owner or keeper except with the consent of the person in charge of said private place or premises, unless such dog is securely restrained by a substantial leash of reasonable length. The dog or dogs shall be under the control of a responsible person at all times.

This is a city ordinance that is enforced by the Marin Humane Society. Dogs need time off leash to run and socialize. A long walk is not enough. There have been many complaints lately about dogs barking. The only way to curb the barking is to have the dogs get enough exercise. This ordinance makes it impossible to do so without the fear of citation or having the dogs seized. The Civic Center dog park is too far, not safe, and not clean.

Let us come together as a neighborhood and fight for the right to have a few hours of off leash time at Victor Jones Park. Hours from 7-9am, 12-1pm and 4-7pm. This park has few visitors other than the dogs and their owners. If there is a team playing or scheduled event, dogs would not be off leash at said times.

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  • larry c crazy law..lets enjoy the [ark with our dogs and create a nice neighborhood social we used to have !

  • Anne Cook This will only work if all of us dog owners are responsible and diligent with our dogs behavior.

  • Susan Keller Yes, I agree that we should be able to have dogs off leash. While we must all be responsible for our pets at all times, I have a rescued puppy that needs a lot of socializing and a lot of running. One of the reasons I felt it would work for our family to adopt a high-energy dog (which are over-whelming the shelters) is that I live across from VJP and could exercise her a couple of times a day, which she certainly needs. I was upset to hear that this is not allowed. It is so bizarre and unfair that we have helped the Humane Society by adopting one of their animals and then they can turn around and slap us with a big citation for giving that dog needed solicalization and exercise. I would really like the MHS to address this catch 22 situation.

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