Asking South Dakota Legislatures to pass an effective state obscenity law

SOUTH DAKOTA IS ONE OF ONLY TEN STATES WITHOUT AN EFFECTIVE STATE LAW.SOUTH DAKOTA DOES ALLOW LOCAL CONTROL BUT LOCAL GOVERNMENT,NEEDS THE BACKUP {PRECEDENT}OF STATE LAW. These are just ten reasons why South Dakota needs a STATE OBSCENITY LAW. There are several reasons why this legislation is needed in our state. This is merely the tip of the iceberg.1. Helping set and enforce regulation on a state-wide level will keep the Criminals from moving from city to city, staying employed in the same type of Business, never having to be but a ghost to the current laws. In other words, These regulations wlil help keep these lawless ones more answerable to the Laws of the land and prevent them from preying on naive young ladies, Desensitizing them, and duping them into gradual steps of so-called entertainment, which ultimately leads them to their degradation and destruction. 2. Drug dealing runs rampant in many clubs, almost always in the bathrooms, Locker rooms, and yes, even offices. Again, licensing should help curb the offenders by letting them know it is no longer tolerated, and is being regulated on a statewide level in addition to local regulations. 3. It would keep known sex offenders as well known felons from working, Owning, or entertaining in the clubs and adult businesses, as many owners in these businesses have a criminal record. 4. The licensing should keep the entertainers from soliciting in any way. Which, as we all know, comes in many forms. In turn, that will help keep Adult businesses as above-table as possible. I will also help keep the Seasoned entertainer from teaching the new ones the so-called \"tricks of the Trade,\" which most of the time are illegal. 5. The hours of operation will help in curbing many of the illegal activities such as drug dealing, solicitation, and illegal dances due to the fact that the more intoxicated the entertainer is the more she is likely to do it. It is a big plus on the safety and welfare of the entertainers, employees, citizens and communities as many of the late-night people are truly drunk or intoxicated on other forms of drugs and literally do things they would never do if it were not in the late-night situation. 6. State regulation on lap dances and lewd behavior will keep the entertainers from just being fined, or,as it is called in the business, \"contract reinstatement fees,\" which most entertainers gladly pay, as they make a lot more money than they lose-the dirtier the dances are dirtier, most of the time, means illegal. 7. The purposed legislation will put the entertainer in a position to pay taxes, as she would no longer be an unknown person without an imcome. This, in turn, will keep the clubs above board on what they are being paid by the entertainers, as the girls will need every write off they can get, including the stage fees. It will also keep the many girls who are on federal and state aid (while making hundreds of dollars a week) off these programs.8. It will keep sexually oriented businesses above the board. It will curb the blatant cash flowing out of clubs. 9. There are no significant regulations on building inspections; building codes; fire codes. Health inspections, even when there is no food present. This is a serious health issue. None of these regulations are set up for sexually oriented businesses. 10. In the local municipalities (city-county) ordinances--there is nothing to set presedent (AT STATE LEVEL) if there happens to be a problem. Nothing to refer back to. OBSCENITY can still be controlled at the local level--but with state obscenity laws in place makes it stronger. In closing, with great concern for our present generation and those who will come after. We encourage you to support the legislature for a state obscenity law. Without its pasage, untold numbers of lives will continue to be degraded, victimized, and destroyed.


Citizens Against Nude Juice Bars And Pornography We are a non-profit organization in south dakota We have great concerns with sexually oriented businesses and adult businesses coming into to south dakota and with no effective state laws these establishments will grow in south dakota. Our organization will continue the fight against adult establisments that degrade and victimize and destroy lives.


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    Pattabhi Ramarao, India

    9 years ago Comments: Sir, I donot know how to contact you,but i need your help.Iam a researcher in law and researching on Legal issues in Obscenity laws in India. I need good material on it and I request you to help me My phone no mobile is 919441265122 Thanking you truly K.Pattabhi Ramarao
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    Steve Jackson, United States

    9 years ago Comments: Although I would not want this club in my neighborhood I believe that your message is confused. The issues visited are not inhrerent of a specific business type. They are issues of the local government dropping the ball on all code necessary for safety, moral standard and security. Believe me, the bulk of the drug traffic in your town is not happening at the nude club. Look inward for the answers-they are right under your nose. Clean your own porches and the club will have no chance of survival. As long as your community offers immoral activity and thrives from the profits of drinking and gambling this club will have an audience. Construction rather than destruction is your answer but you are not being constructive. PS- Your name is too long and hard to say-change it.
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    Heather Murtha, United States

    10 years ago State: SD
    Country: US
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