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As a parent who lives in Oakmont I do not feel as though our kids should be moved out of Oakmont. Many people, including us, moved into Oakmont with the understanding that new schools would be built in our subdivision. Now they are telling us they we can\'t send our kids to a school in our own subdivision that is a half a mile from our homes or closer for some. I have also heard that one of the reason that we are being bused is that we (Oakmont residents) do not like crossing the bridge to Pecan Creek. That is not an issue at all. How will this effect our opportunity to re-sale our homes I think it will effect it greatly because, again, this is one reason we bought here in the first place. I do not understand or agree with reasoning for this decision. I also feel it is our duty as parents to provide the best environment for our kids as possible and being bused to another school outside of our own subdivision does not do that.


Please sign out petition at: We do have a voice in this matter, but we need to be heard!


You can read more news on the planned re-zoning at this link,


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    ALICIA ANDERSON, United States

    7 years ago Comments: The school is not IN any subdivision. Oakmont has zero right to it. You say you had the understanding that your kids would go to a certain school when you bought your house Ever heard of reading a contract Not very hard to see what school you are a part of. I love that you are squabbling over a matter of less than a mile. You people are absolutely ridiculous. If you have such a problem driving SO VERY FAR pay extra to put them in another school.
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    Steven & Cynthia Geis, United States

    7 years ago Comments: AGAINST this ridiculous petition. Oakmont has no exclusive right to Hawk. My home in Cypress Point is only .6 tenths of a mile from Hawk, closer than many residents of Oakmont, certainly anyone north of Robinson. Your complaint is you dont want to change schools again, but why is fair to make OUR children change schools for you. We have attended Hawk since its opening, why uproot OURchildren and bus us when most of Cypress can walk, Oakmont II and those on the north of Robinson can not walk. When I purchased my home I was told there would be a school in my neighborhood as well, that is why we bought here. Continuous movement from one school to another isnt good for OUR children either. What make your child better then ours, again Hawk IS NOT IN OAKMONT SUBDIVISION., it borders Cypress and Oakmont the land is owned by the school District not Oakmont. What about out childs right to develop long term relationships AND THE ONES THEY HAVE ALREADY BUILT. It certainly makes NO sense to strip them of the sense of comfort and security our children have already developed. Again, it is just as important for our childrens long term self-esteem, development and growth as well as yours and again makes no sense to move our children who have already been there, for students WHO HAVE NEVER ATTENDED HAWK. Any argument you claim is more valid for us than for you.
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    Steven & Cynthia Geis, United States

    7 years ago
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