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We, the fans of As The World Turns, are asking you to support the characters of Luke Snyder and Noah Mayer, and the story line promised to us by representatives of As The World Turns, CBS, and Procter & Gamble. We were told that the love story of these two gay characters would be told in the same manner as any other love story involving any other teen characters. However, anyone familiar with soap operas can see that this clearly has not been the case. The airtime for this couple compared to others on the show is a disappointment to say the least. At a time when ratings and press show that fan support for this story is growing, the airtime has been reduced significantly. While the relationship is supposedly developing, the level of affection has actually decreased, often limited to hand holding and forehead rubbing. In no way would this represent any developing teenage romance, straight or gay. This is also not a typical soap opera love story by any stretch of the imagination. We, the undersigned represent a wide cross-section of people; male, female, straight, gay, young, and old. We come from all areas of the United States, Canada and the Netherlands, where As The World Turns airs on local television, and from other countries around the world as well. Some of us have been watching this show for many years. Others switched from other soap operas because of this story. Still others are watching a soap for the first time, after being introduced to Luke and Noah by friends or various sites on the internet. Other than the love of this story, there are two things we have in common. We know that you own this show, and we know that you control it. We have all supported this story in the most basic way, by supporting your company and buying your products. We can think of no better way of thanking you for presenting this story, and for bringing us the superb work of Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. We are asking that Procter & Gamble, As The World Turns, and CBS allow this relationship to develop to its full potential, as we were promised at the outset of the story. We are asking you to treat this couple like any other couple on the show. It is actually an insult to the characters, the actors, and the audience to present a gay relationship in such an unrealistically platonic way. In the past few months, it is most often the days that Luke and Noah appear that have the highest ratings. This should show that we are supporting you. Now we ask that you support us. Please allow the characters to display emotional reactions as basic as a simple kiss or hug. This does not seem like too much to expect from you. Please help show the world that love is the same no matter who you are or who you love.


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    Janko, Serbia

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    Houssam Farhat, Russian Federation

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    Unknown, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I love the Nuke love story and i would like for ATWT to keep Jake because he is awsome. It is about time that they realize that gays are here to stay. They should respect us as fans and keep us entertained. But there are some changes that need to be made. Luke and Noah sould be treated the same as all the other characters on ATWT. They deserve to have equal screen time and equal display of affection. If your gonna have a gay story line you need to portrait it as something valid. It's not fair or right. This is 2008 wake up and let us have more Nuke and find some way to keep Ameere she is a great actress but they need to stop making her look like a clueless chick
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