Say No to the "Tuckahoe Main Street" Re-zoning Proposal

To Supervisor Throne Holst and Board Members Graboski, Malone, Nuzzi, and Fleming, Over the past several weeks and months, hundreds of Southampton residents have spoken out against the “Tuckahoe Main Street” proposal. At CAC and board meetings, on-line, in the press, and in everyday conversations around the dinner table, this community has voiced its unwavering opposition to this proposed monstrosity. We have said enough is enough to the destruction of our neighborhoods through over-development and greed, but are you listening? It appears to many as though you are not, that the money and influence of developers are drowning out the voices of voters. Here is your opportunity to prove otherwise. A recent article in the Southampton Press has revealed that Bob Morrow, the developer behind the "Tuckahoe Main Street" proposal made donations to the campaigns of three of your members late last year—just months before going before the board to request a special zoning change that only you can grant. Let's assume that our Town Board is beyond the influence of Mr. Morrow's donations, that, as Supervisor Throne-Holst has stated, it doesn't affect you – then the next question must be “Why have you allowed this proposal to come this far?” This proposed re-zoning will benefit no one beyond the developers and those to whom they contribute. We don't need it. We don't want it. The major issues are not, as Ms. Graboski mistakenly asserts, “size and scale”. The only issue is the negative impact on our quality of life. We do not need another 475 space parking lot and tens of thousands of square feet of empty retail space, what we need is to put an end to over-development and its devastating impact on our environment, traffic, real estate values, peace, and the future of our town. PDDs were never meant as any easy way around zoning regulations, but that is how they are being used and we say, “Enough is Enough!” It is time to say no to Mr. Morrow and yes to your constituents. We urge you to vote against further consideration of the “Tuckahoe Main Street” proposal. We are counting on you and we will take this issue to the voting booth. Sincerely,   Please be sure to type your name and a comment 


Important reads re: Tuckahoe Main Street Proposal

Tuckahoe Main Street, or Ive Got the PDD Blues by Eric Cohen


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    Maura Brum, United States

    5 years ago Please leave a personalized message for the board: Just say no to this application. Give back his donations and do what you were elected to do - represent the people.
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    mary jean green, United States

    5 years ago Please leave a personalized message for the board: Please use your proper discretion in denying this PDD application. The owner has no property rights which include a PDD - never did and never will- although this keeps popping up as a defense. You have allowed him to proceed to SEQRA - a big mistake. Now you have to bite the bullet and say "No" the second time around. NO is your proper and legal response.
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    pau misut, United States

    5 years ago Please leave a personalized message for the board: I am totally opposed to this development.
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