Bringing NSider RPing Back To Its Roots

RPing has degenerated to one post in IC, then ten pages in OOC about why its wrong. Nearly EVERY argument ends in flaming, and several third parties finishing decisions that the two involved couldn't compromise on. Any attack below three paragraphs is considered crap, and unless you know years of RPing studies and real world physics, you practically stand no chance in RPing anymore. Why is this Two people; Kuro Tsuwamono and Syker Luyez. Both claim to have started RPing and influenced it from the beginning, despite the fact that neither were around when RPing at NSider started. They've both had one tyrannical rule over the RPing board, after another, after another. New members are practically lamb to the slaughter, and even respected Vets have retired permanently due to the rising amounts of crap from Kuro and Syker's "Systems". Now, honestly, I'm no exception to this crap. In fact, I'm one of the leading causes. This is why I'm taking the initiative to TRY and bring back our old way of RPing, the BETTER way, when we could actually enjoy ourselves. By voting yes, your voting for the following to be removed from RPing. All Planar/Dimension Use Advanced Energies (Ex: Negative, anything that can result in a one hit kill.) Anything deemed overpowered by ORIGINAL NSider standards All Forms of Post Removal (Ex: Nixing, Nulling)


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    Dragon, United States

    7 years ago Comments: +1
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    Ludwig, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I want those things to be removed from RPing... But those things you said about Sir Kuro are false. Kuro never claimed he started RPing. WTF
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    Tal Zfel, United States

    7 years ago Comments: This petition fails. Awfully. It doesn't matter if I "sign it" because it won't work even if it gets 1000 signatures. Sign below me for penis.
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