NO to urbis "urban beach" plan

Urbis is an important part of manchester, to many people, but to replace it\'s beautiful gardens with a new sight spot for summer chavs and thier families is like stealing the heart from the chest of manchester. Urbis gardens has been a place for teens, who usually are different i.e. scenes or goths to meet and relax and enjoy manchester. Urbis is a legend for all these people, it\'s a place for equality and relaxation, it\'s a place where they feel safe and free, and people want to replace this with 80 tonnes of sand and a few bars Imagine what it will become, the cathedral will be next door to a partying mania, no matter what time it "shuts" there is no avoiding the sort of people that would use these facilities, its all good for families but when they mix with partiers and alcohol there\'ll be problems. Many people agree Manchester shouldn\'t get a beach. There are reasons - Imagine the results of the bars, drunken thugs, wild women drinking the night away, glass in sand ( kids/ babies can cut them selfs and then tell me who gets sued) cigarette butts (manchester has many problems with littering and this will just exasurbate the problem) and al sorts of food/packaging waste. This beach would attract characters like chav\'s and people who bully moshers and the like, this would lead to fighting. Drinking in these bars means more drunk adults another thing which could lead to adults fighting adults. This beach would end up destroyed under piles of litter, and really why spend money on some sand and some trees in the middle of a busy town center where people shop and enjoy themselves in cinemas and the like, i\'m sorry but a beach in manchester would be a total disaster and everyone who enjoys the area now will be pushed and aside and forced to find somewhere new, when this area is much more safe, much more controlled, much more enjoyable then any other. Please don\'t ruin it. SIGN!


The people who have enjoyed urbis gardens for so long, the people who reside in Manchester and are aware of how important this is, the teenager, adults who have spent so long on these gardens and could not stand to have them removed and be turned away from thier own safety area.



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    Zowiie, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: I dont think that urbis Should have a beach built on it. you say you dont want youth to roam the streets in intimidating gangs, and if you kick us off the one place we go where we dont get shit for being who we want to be, just to build a beach for old people to soak their toes cos the cba going to black pool
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    Laura Jade Twist, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: I think it's totally unfair that everything emos/punks/goths have is deemed 'disposable', as if we are an area of society that doesn't matter. The Colisseum was closed down to make flats, Afflecks Palace is also under constant threat of the same. Urbis is the only open, green area that kids gravitate towards in the centre - Picaddilly Gardens is always closed and is far too built-up nowadays. Urbis is out of the way of everyone else, and it does no harm for kids to hang around there. Why should we be forced out, and have nowhere to go, so that chav-city can get in. And furthermore - i really don't wanna see anyone 'flashin the flesh' in bikins and the like when i'm doin me shoppin thanks.
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    Haydn, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Its ridiculous. Dump it in picadilly gardens.
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