No Tuck In's

the alcorn county school district has created a new rule. All male students will have to tuck in thier shirts. In my opinion this violates our freedom of expression. If you disagree with this new rule please sign this petition.


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    Trey, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I think that this is a stupid rule and needs to be changed
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    Erica Wigginton, United States

    7 years ago Comments: THiS WHOLE THiNG iS STUPiD!!! guys r going to ISS for not tucking in their freakin shirts!!! its just not right!!! for one...the rule won't even prevent a school shooting...i mean if someone is so crazy and messed up that they r going to shoot someone then they r going to find a way to bring a gun to school [[like a bookbag or underwear..even in ur pants while they r tucked in.]] two...some people and parents say that it looks nice. well you know what, i think it looks gay and uptight. everyone has their own opinion. and u can look nice without tucking in ur shirt. it should be an option not a rule. three...what about freedom i mean HELLO!! u shouldn't be forced to wear something that u don't like or that u think is uncomfortable....when u will be wearing it 7 hours a day 5 days a week...its not right. THiS RULE SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN PASSED! i mean whats next...u have to wear shoes without laces because some uptight teacher/principal/sheriff/or whatever thinks u might choke someone with the laces...thats crazy right well thats exactly how crazy and stupid this rule is. i think thats more than enough reasons that this rule is not needed and not wanted by most people.
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    Jr, United States

    7 years ago Comments: As a parent.I can't belive our board members passed this without letting parents have the chance to voice our opinion.I understand at the next meeting they are to discuss the girls and boys more in-depth.Also the female teachers dress code.I hope we have parents show up to this one.
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