A voice against proliferating war in Iran.

In a world where a great deal of people would like to see Bush and his regime impeached for the illegal war in Iraq, amazingly the rumour mill and the media have started to ratchet up the notion of a war with Iran. On top of the chaos we\'ve already caused in the region, the bloodshed and the casualties on both sides since 2003 in Iraq, we are now being softened up for the continuation of the war in the Middle East. It bewilders me that this could be considered in election year in the US, which in my opinion goes to show the lack of respect the government has for the views of the majority of its own people, and indeed Congress and the Constitution as a tool to rein the ruling regime in. I am hoping to put this petition online to show some worldwide consensus amongst "the people", that a war with Iran on top of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is not what we want to be associated with. Please add your name to the list below as a pre-emptive strike against more war done \"in your name\". Thanks for caring!!




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    Dustin Miller, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I am against this illegal and rediculous war! We should be out of it and deffinately should not be spreading it! This is just moraly wrong!
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    Crystal Robert, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: Please people! Let's no fall for this. They lied about Iraq, they are lying about Iran as they will be doing the same thing to Iran later. These wars have been planned years ago! ElBaradei has even said that he would resign from his position if the US attacked Iran. Enough of this! We must oppose them every step of the way. We cannot let another Iraq happen, certainly not in our names!
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    Ryan, United States

    7 years ago Comments: R.T.S
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