Stop Electronic Spying/Tracking Via R.F.I.D.

When you think alien abductions, El Chupacabra, and cattle mutilations, the names of the corporations, Destron Fearing, I.B.M., and being linked to Covert Operations probably do not come to mind, and unless you have been investigating something like this in bits and pieces for a very long time, or you stumbled upon it by accident you would have had no clue it was out there, nor that it was happening, nor that it involves the Real ID Act, R.F.I.D. chip, Verichip, Digital Angel, Lo-Jack, OnStar, XM-Radio, Sirius Radio, the list is getting longer and longer in growing chains of evidence of Government conspiracy, complicit negligence, and tacit agreements behind the scenes as the days to us getting bio-chipped are getting shorter and shorter.


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    Bill Burke, United States

    2 years ago Comments: What is being done for all implanted victims. With today's technology their should be away to Deactivate the implants. With all victims in the thousands why is their not a civil action law suit. I know who implanted me but yet they are protected by the judicial system. Why isn't their attorneys that will stand up for the justice they sworn in to protect. Instead of victims being blind and complaining why dont we make a stand befor our congress. Their are more of us then them. We pay taxs that the government use against us. I for one am not afaird to make that stand. I rather stand up for what is happying than to set back and let them microwave me to death. Fight back and stop complaining . Bill
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    bill Burke, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I a. Implanted have been for 20 years I am trying to find away to stop the implant from making me sick.
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    , United States

    5 years ago
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