No Obama in '08

We, the undersigned voters, will NOT vote for Obama in November '08 should he be the Democratic Nominee. We will abstain, vote McCain, or WRITE IN SENATOR CLINTON on our ballots. Hillary is the better nominee to take the White House in November. Here are some reasons why: Hillary has endured more in this election than any other presidential candidate in recent history, yet she's still standing and fighting. She has prevailed over the blatant media bias (pro-Obama, anti-Hillary), sexism (re: pantsuits!), racism (in reverse), and the resurrection of all her known past issues, resolved or not. She has the experience we need in the White House. Experience, whether it was in an official capacity or not, is still EXPERIENCE. Had Obama been properly vetted prior to Super Tuesday, there would be no contention today. And many who voted Obama pre-Super Tuesday WANT THEIR VOTE BACK. Had FL and MI not been disenfranchised for their Repugnican government moving their primaries, which, I might add, other states did with no penalty and the DNCs blessing, there would be no contention. Florida should stand as it was voted, MI should be a revote. This election is unconstitutional if we elect a candidate based on 48 states. She has won the big states, KEY to a Democratic victory in November. She will finish this primary race with big wins in important states, and a MAJORITY OF THE ELECTORAL VOTES TO WIN IN NOVEMBER. Don't fool yourselves - Wright is NOT going away. Nor is Ayers, Sinclair, Hamas, or any of the other Obama-bombs awaiting Republican detonation. These are things Joe and Jane Public ARE talking about - can't you HEAR It is apparent that she has been abandoned by her party cohorts in their rush to be in the 'majority'. Last, and most important: Obama CAN NOT win this election without us. Whatever our individual reasons are, you can count on NOT having our support should Senator Obama be our Democratic Nominee.


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    dptwyvptt, Finland

    5 years ago Comments: -
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    Robert Turnage, United States

    6 years ago Comments: To whom it may concern, I believe Hillary was shafted by her party by not including FL and MI, but she will run in 2012. (the exception is if she gets enough written votes to take this term) Robert
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    TANA VALINE, United States

    6 years ago Comments: i will not vote for obama this year or any time in the years to come.
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