Petition Against Limits on Non EU Migration

We call upon the UK Government to abandon the discriminatory policy of restricting migration from Africa to the UK.

The consultation document itself recognises that migration has strengthened the UK's economy and enriched UK culture - and it is a known fact that majority of migrants are hard-working honest citizens who contribute to the economic growth of the United Kingdom.

Whichever service it is, it is obvious that the role of the migrants in developing the country is clear – with the following examples:

MPs: there are now 27 Members of Parliament from minority ethnic groups

Councillors: There are over 370 elected local councillors.

NHS - There are numerous General Practitioners, Nurses, Lab Technicians and Low skilled workers who all contribute to ensuring the massive success of the NHS as it is. If you remove this resource the NHS livewire will be removed.

Education: Numerous Teachers and support staff enhance the education of children in the UK The Policy is discriminatory on the basis that it only affects non-EU migration.

It therefore means the number of immigrants reduced from Non-EU Countries could be filled by EU Countries, which means the net reduction could be nil. We call on the UK to ensure that the quota system is fair across board to every country and not discriminated against Non-EU Countries.



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    bankole adefolaju, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: Do you accept you discriminate against Africans? Does fairmess has any meaning in your vocabulary? do you know how long you, Europeans, have discriminated aginst Africans? What is the limit of your racism Act? It is about time you treat Africans as human beings use the English words in their true meanings in their application to africans.
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    Charles Nwachuku, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: Having to cap the number of non-EU immigrants is most discriminatory and very unfair especially to those coming from commonwealth countries. Highly skilled migrants who have genuine contributions to make towards the growth and development of the UK will be restricted and this certainly will create gaps and may leave the system to sacrifice merit at the alter of mediocrity.
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    teetee, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: it is well with the Non-EUs...The Lord said "...and WORK for the PEACE AND PROSPERITY of this land. PRAY to the LORD for this COUNTRY where you are now, for if UK has PEACE, so you will. because i love UK and my heart yawns for it..i canno remain silent.i will not stop praying for her until her righteouness shine like the dawn...i will pray day and night for the fulfilment of GOD's PROMISES...i will not give GOD rest until UK becomes and object of praise thru'out the whole earth....THE LORD ALMIGHTY HAS SPOKEN, WHO CAN CHANGE HIS PLAN...AND HIS HANDS ARE STRETCHED OUT..WHO CAN TURN IT BACK?
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