Petition Against The Landmark Mosque In Preston

We live in the area of the proposed Mosque site and would ask that you, based on my concerns listed below, refuse this planning application from (Preston Muslim Society). Herein are our comments and objections relating to this planning application 1. The proposed three story building would dwarf the existing residential properties and in my opinion would not fit into the surrounding areas. 2. The building will be visually overbearing. It is an inappropriate design for this part of the town. Such a large building would be totally out of keeping with the neighbouring properties, which are mainly smaller Victorian style houses and single storey bungalows. 3. Traffic in the area is already at a high level causing noise, pollution and dust at all times of the day and night. The additional traffic serving the larger Mosque would only increase the noise and pollution and create greater safety hazards for pedestrians and other motorists. 4. The issue of parking is of paramount concern, the mosque offers prayer mats for 130 people however only supplies parking for 63 vehicles. Taking into account the classes, library and employees/volunteers required to run the site, the parking facilities are nowhere near the required amount and therefore would result in major issues along Watling Street Road and Victoria Road 5. We would also like to ask the question, why? When planning permission was granted in 2008 was no work undertaken to the site either then or since planning was granted We invite you to visit the site of the proposed mosque to verify for yourself that the above objections are valid. In addition we fear that the proposed mosque could be a threat to security by Muslim extremists, the site is less than half a mile from Fulwood Barracks which has been the literal and spiritual home of The Queen's Lancashire Regiment and its successor and predecessor regiments for nearly 150 years. In our opinion to build such a “Landmark” building so close to such a historic museum is unthinkable. This town houses men and women of all cultures and societies to which we do not oppose, we do now think though that it is now time to try and protect what’s left of our heritage and that starts with the Landmark mosque on Watling Street Road.


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    Catherine Walls, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: -
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    mr andrew foxton, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: we do not want any more of these things there is enough of them allready.
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    Patriot, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: This mosque cannot go ahead it must be prevented by all costs. There currently a mosque on the site and they had permissions to replace it in 2008 for a similar building, so why wait until 2010 after they got another two sites to create , what they describe as a landmark building

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