End Reading Plus.

We, the students, deserve quality education. We want to learn in a way that we can enjoy what we are learning. We seek knowledge. But what we don't want is reading plus.

Reading Plus was created by a group of people who thought that they were helping students. But honestly, RP is just a waste of time, a bother. It takes up hours of our evenings when we could be studying more important and beneficial subjects.

We believe that grabbing an actual book and understanding it, learning it, studying it, is more beneficial than a session of RP.

Reading Plus also isn't fair to students because it doesn't give everyone a fair chance. You can't grade all the students on the same scale because they are all different, they all learn differently.

I for one do not score as the other students in my grade level. I am not a fast reader and I don't grasp the material in one read. The program only allows a certain amount of rereads which aren't enough.

Also, the topics are not things that students can relate too. Because of it, students aren't interested in what they are reading and they may tune out.

Give the students what they want and take away Reading Plus. Not everyone can score an 80% every time.


  • Ruben Martinez I think it should be removed out of high school curriculum due to its uselessness in the high school environment. High schoolers should be focused on reading actual literature rather than using a reading program that barely helps with reading comprehension and speed.

  • Jocelyne Perez Instead of encouraging students to read and enjoy what they are reading, this is turning kids away from books and causing them to dislike english classes.

  • Yosiah Mcrury I noe have to use glasses because of sitting in a computer for ours doing reading plus . It sucks and it doesnt even help me.

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    Yosiah Mcrury

    2 weeks ago Comments: I noe have to use glasses because of sitting in a computer for ours doing reading plus . It sucks and it doesnt even help me.
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    2 weeks ago Comments: lol reading plus. Waste of time. i could be stduying for calculus which im failig because if i dont do reading plus my LA grade goes down. I rather read an interesting book than read boring stories.
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    2 weeks ago Comments: i cant stand reading plus. im failing my algebra class because i spend my whole day doing reading plus. its so much easier to read a good book and write about it RD is a waste of time
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