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Help Ban Ear Piercing (Stud) Guns!

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As a body piercer I am against piercing guns. Almost everyone I know has had their ears pierced with one. Some people have had other things such as the tragus, nose and ear cartilige. Most people do not know the risks involved. This is a statement from the APP. A group that I would like to get involved in this. I agree with all the points and I think more people need to realize what they are getting into. What is the APP Position on Stud Guns It is the official position of the Association of Professional Piercers that only sterile disposable equipment is suitable for safe body piercing. The lack of ability to sterilize the ear piercing guns is one of the issues of concern about such equipment. Blood can aerosolize (become airborne in essentially microscopic particles) and contaminate the gun. If any part of the stud touches any part of the contaminated gun, there is the possibility of transmitting a disease-causing micro organism. The Hepatitis virus can live for extended periods on inanimate surfaces, therefore transmission of such disease through this type of equipment is possible. Further, most of the ear studs are quite dull, even if slightly pointy. The piercings are accomplished using a considerable amount of force. This is more like a crush injury than a piercing, and feels like one as well. The use of a sharper, sterile object makes for a much safer, gentler, more comfortable piercing. Other aspects of concern include the fact that the studs are too short for some earlobes, which can result in complications. The jewelry can get completely embedded in ear lobes, even when pierced according to usual practice with a gun. Also, the piercings are difficult to clean thoroughly if too close fitting. The studs do not allow for much room even on slim lobes. Air and blood circulation are limited which can delay or complicate healing. Swelling and/or scar tissue formation can result. Also, the butterfly backing of ear studs have a configuration that can easily trap bacteria adding to the potential risk of infection. Another problem is that the guns are very easy to misuse. Some who operate them


This is a personal thing for me (Wendi Wentzell), but I am backed by my co-workers at Krayola Body Art.


The APP you will find the statment I included earlier Rings Of Passion a body piercing board that I frequent, trying to get correct information out.

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  • Chance R Sledge
    Chance R Sledge United States, Seattle
    Sep 03, 2015
    Sep 03, 2015
    No piercing should be done with a gun. -Professional body piercer-
  • Anonymous
    May 24, 2015
    May 24, 2015
    There aren't enough petitions to ban these horrible instruments. When I was just a kid, I loved ear piercings. I decided to get my second set, still on the lobes, but a little higher up. Both got infected incredibly quickly, and oozed pus constantly, so of course I went to the doctor, where they had to cut through the swelling to remove the piercing from one ear, that healed somewhat properly. The other, however, has a hideous lump of scar tissue that will never go away and that it always painful. In my naive state, I had assumed that I had not cleaned it properly and got one more, this time on a higher part of my ear. In less than half an hour, it started oozing blood. In a day, it had swollen. Recognizing the symptoms, I removed it immediately and went to the doctor once more, where the pus was drained along with the infection. Later, now understanding the danger of the guns, I got my ears pierced professionally, and now enjoy comfortable piercings. I even let my original ones heal over so that I could get those properly as well.


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