Those Against Michael Vick Getting a Dog

"Quarterback Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles has gone through a lot of ups and downs in his life over the past five years. Vick served jail time for his role in illegal dog fighting and was also banned from owning a dog for three years. With that ban about to expire, Vick told Piers Morgan in an interview on July 17, 2012 that he'd like to own another dog some day. During the interview, Vick explained how he expresses his love for dogs in his new book entitled "Michael Vick: Finally Free, An Autobiography." Even though he was involved with the dog fighting ring, Vick says its not like he has a dislike for dogs. Morgan asked Vick if he will get a new dog once the ban expires next month. He responded in defense of his children: "I can’t take that dream away from them," Vick explains. "That’s selfish on my behalf. You know, so, gotta find a way to make it right and, you know, I put everything in God’s hands to make it right." That answer will likely be quite unsettling to many animal-lovers around the world. Morgan asked him what kind of dog he would like to adopt for his kids: "I would let them [his children] pick it out. Certainly wouldn’t be a pit bull," Vick replied." This excerpt was taken from an article by the Examiner: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This petition was created AGAINST Michael Vick getting another dog. With the horrendously cruel and inhumane things he did to the dogs on his ranch, this man should never own a living thing again in his life. Michael Vick tortured, abused, and killed dogs in his car by strangulation, electrocution, hanging, shooting, and slamming them into concrete, amongst other things. There is speculation that he even killed his family dog. To let Michael Vick have another dog in his care is like giving a recovering alcoholic a drink. Say NO to Michael Vick owning another dog by signing this petition. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ASPCA – The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals fights cruelty of all animals. They were instrumental in the investigation that led to Vick’s arrest. After his release from prison, Vick looked for a charity to partner with in order to improve his image. The ASCPA did the right thing and turned him down. Best Friends Animal Society – This organization took in 22 pit bulls seized from Michael Vick’s property. These dogs, abused and forced to fight to the death, got a second chance at life thanks to Best Friends. Bad Rap Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit bulls) also took in many of the Vick dogs. These dogs have since been adopted out to loving homes.


Melissa Mariner, Founder Bella-Reed Pit Bull Network



  • Kerrie Honey His children will survive without a dog. The question is will a dog survive with him?

  • Catherine Maher He shouldn't be allowed to own any animal.

  • naomi oliver words are cheap Michael Vick, its your actions which speak volumes. The type of behaviour which you perpetrated on those animals speaks of a very sick mind.

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