No Cell Phone Tower near Sleepy Hollow Schools and homes!

Research shows that cell phone towers increase the risk of cancer fourfold. There is also evidence suggesting a link between cardiac problems and miscarriage due to radiation from radio waves. T-Mobile is trying to lease land from the village to build a cell phone tower adjacent to the village hall. This 130 ft. tower in the valley will be at eye level to homes and Sleepy Hollow Elementary as well as Sleepy Hollow preschool. Please don\'t let the village allow this. Our children are worth more than the \"fair market value\" Sleepy Hollow will receive from T-Mobile.


We are Sleepy Hollow residents with two kids, 3 and 5. We decided to build our home in this community. The effort put into maintaing Sleepy Hollow\'s tree line and charm were a factor in our putting roots down here. We are enraged that the village would consider putting a cell phone tower in the midst of our home and schools. Science hasn\'t caught up with technology and there are documented cases of Lukemia as well as other cancers in areas within close proximity to cell phone towers. My kids are not a science experiment. Neither are yours, your grandkids, or anyone who attends Sleepy Hollow Elementary or Sleepy Hollow Preschool. Plese sign the petition to let our village board know we don\'t want to endanger our children. Please try to attend the village meeting Nov. 5th at 7:00 at the village hall to voice your opinion.


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    Regina and John Nellessen, United States

    7 years ago Comments: In addition to health concerns, what a disgusting eyesore that would permanently marr the appearance and character of our village! We don't need it!
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    Arlene Brixius, United States

    7 years ago Comments: By signing this petition I hope it helps out my cousin's daughter and her family. When are they going to quit putting peoples lives in jeopardy
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    Jason Cook, United States

    7 years ago
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