Petition for the abolition of Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama

We apeal to the Nobel Peace Center and Nobel Fondation to nullify the decision from 2009, when they awarded Barack Obama with Nobel Peace Prize.
We, the inhabitants of planet Earth, are unable to deal with the threat which American military power represents in the hands of the war-mongers. We now can not prevent further wars from happening . What we can do is to appeal to you, who take care of the Alfred Nobel's Foundation, to admit a mistake you made in 2009. when you awarded with The Nobel Peace Prize Barack Obama, the man who has sent 30.000 soldiers to war few days before he recieved the prize.
Since receiving the award, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureat from 2009 has actively worked to promote and spread the war.

Your human and moral duty is to nullify the decision from 2009. to save the reputation of your institution. We urge you to find a legal way to cancel the former decision.



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    Reagan, United States

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    Reyna, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Hmmm. Thanks Jessica. As I say, I'll have to wait till the blog's a household name, but that's a good one. Is it nobel peace prize good toguhh? (maybe if I can figure out a good conscientious reason for it - ie against fur etc etc) qxbhkallqjw xwsyoedl
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    Omar, Taiwan

    1 year ago Comments: Ive always thghuot it was incredible how we go from one living cell and develope into trillions and trillions of cells. Its also amazing that a sperm can wiggle like a worm and swim to the oocyte. The things that go one when a baby is growing inside a womb is just fascinating because they develope so fast and by 9 months they are ready to come out into this world.
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