Do not allow Jaques Amakon to get out on bail

ATTENTION EVERYONE: JACQUES AMAKON IS POSSIBLY BEING GRANTED BAIL THIS WED. HE MURDERED MICHAEL "BIGGIE" MCDONALD LESS THAN 5 MONTHS AGO. MICHAEL WAS 16. Pls, anyone whether u knew Michael or not but disagree with this decision, please sign this one who has commited murder should ever be allowed bail....what are we teaching our youth's if this is allowed,that you can kill and still be able to spent time with your family in the comfort of your own home....while the victinm's families will never see their loved one again.We all have a responsibity to not allow it...Pls sign and show the court system that we as a community will not allow this


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    Kayla, Canada

    3 years ago Comments: Michael Mcdonald was A brother And a Saint In our hearts and out on the field during highschool games he touched all of our hearts in so many way's and changed our life's for the better . please don't let this idiot Jacques Amakon off with less then what he deserves which in the olden day's would be 25 yrs too LIFE! the Justice system needs to open there eye's and realize that Not only a family has lost a loved one but the Community has lost a very valued and looked up to citizen And his life was TAKEN by a SELFISH GOOF WITH A WEAPON . PLEASE STAND UP AND HELP US KEEP THIS KID IN JAIL FOR WHAT HE DID " you do the crime , you do the time "
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    4 years ago Comments: TK PLANNED to hurt Biggie with the knife. Did Biggie have any weapons with him? NO. Even if they were PLANNING on fighting, why did TK have to be the biggest PUSSY and bring weapons into it? In our neighbourhood, we fight with hands and may the best man win. The problem is< TK had a big mouth, but couldnt stand up to Biggie, because he knew Biggie would take him out with one punch. Age and size dont matter here, TK called Biggie on, knowing he would use his weapon, that was his backup, no one wins when there are weapons involved. TOTALLY PREMIDITATED.....PUT THIS PUSSYHOLE BACK IN JAIL, street justice or judicial justice will prevail, and TK will be watching over his shoulder for as long as he lives!! RIP MICHAEL MCDONALD
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    fuck no, Canada

    4 years ago Comments: this is fucking stupid. Let TK out!!!! it doesnt matter how old they both were they both set out to do something. If TK didn't do that, than who knows if TK could have been the one dead. What is this teaching our youth that "don't stand up for yourself untill you can't take it no more." Both families lost their sons that day.
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