Bring back Noah, please!

We the undersigned are asking that the character of Noah Keefer be brought back to be with his true love, Julia Keefer. They belong together. This is one super-couple that made it, a rarity in Soapland. After all the time they spent fighting to be together, struggling to overcome obstacle after obstacle, they deserve to be happy. The short time they had together was beautiful, tender, and touching. It was a magic, once in a lifetime love story. Even years later, the memory of their love is still so strong and fresh. They went right to our hearts and have stayed there ever since. Please give us back our couple and let us watch them have the happiness they so deserve. And no one else but Keith Hamilton Cobb can be Noah. Anyone else would ruin the memories and destroy the magic. Please do all you can to bring him back. We miss him. We miss them. And we\'ve been waiting for so long. Thank you very much.


M Busch- a longtime, very loyal Noah and Julia fan.


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    Stacy Rogers, United States

    7 years ago Comments: AMC needs Keith Hamilton Cobb to return as Noah. Julia needs Noah.
    Country: US
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    M. Challen, Canada

    8 years ago Comments: I started watching the show again after Sydney Penny returned as Julia. But I really miss Keith Hamilton Cobb as Noah. They had such terrific chemistry. I still have my old tapes from those days (hint: lot of devoted fans out there who'd pay good money for a DVD). But back to today, I absolutely think Noah would shake up Pine Valley in a big way. Plus, there would be significant stress between him and Julia with her thinking he's been dead for several years and having tried to move on. And stress creates drama. Here's hoping his death was greatly exaggerated.
    Country: CA
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    Amie Hallwachs, Canada

    9 years ago Comments: i strongly agree julia doesn't fit with anyone but noah
    Country: CA
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