Remove the Vodou's Bokor auto-mute.

O.K. I'm am unsure if this is with all servers now, but there is now an automute on the ZM server set in place to where you can't use HLSS for more than five seconds with an instantaneous mute. There are major flaws with this. 1. It only works wit HLSS Me and God did a test the other day and concluded that you could scream in the mic for as long as you wanted and you would not get muted. However, playing a sound for more than ten seconds equals a mute. 2. There is usually an admin on so it's unnecessary. 3. In popular opinion it makes the server dull. So let's get rid of it and get back to what GameSyn is all about: having a kick ass time!


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    Dvsilverwing/campingcarl/lolzerpanzer, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Psh fuck that, fukken remove.
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    Xioxxi, United States

    7 years ago Comments: HELL YESH
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    Mr.Nasty, Canada

    7 years ago
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