Take Evolution Out Of Schools

Evolution should be considered a \"belief\", and because certain \"beliefs\" were offensive to some people, all \"beliefs\" were taken out of every public school in America. Why should Evlolution be treated any different Students all over the United States, are taking Evolution in school and are being told that it is the truth. Scientists were not there when the universe decided to create itself, they cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Evolution is fact, so why is America\'s youth being told that it is Evolution should either be taught, in a summerized version, with other \"Religions\" or be taken out of school compltely. Does Anyone under the age of 18 not have Freedom of Religion Please sign this petition, whether you believe in evolution or not, if you feel that every child in america deserves to have a choice in how they believe they, and the world they live in, was created.


I am a high school student in Arizona. In my science class we are learning about evolution. I don\'t want what i know about the universe to be limited to Evolution. I am open to learning about other religions but i am only hearing one side of the story. What about \"Creationism\" Not every person on the planet believes in Evolution. what do they believe How do the people around me feel earth, and everything on it, was created I want to know more, but because someone got \"offended\", i can\'t learn about it in school. Everyone believes in something. Why Can\'t I Learn About/Prepare For The World Around Me isn\'t that what school is for


  • Anonymous Evolution is an insult to our inteligence as well as a controdiction to God's Word that places doubt on the Truth.

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