Stop Marching Units Merger.

On May 15th, the WSSD school board took an "informal" vote during a study session about the merging of both marching units in to one group. The "informal" vote was 6-2 in favor of the merger. The official vote is to be put on the table at the next board meeting on June 12th, 2008 (6:00 pm). There are many questions and concerns being raised, and many feel that this decision is being rushed. At the very least, there is a vast majority of us (alumni and supporters) that feel the decision should be open to more discussion and not happen in the next year. This petition is not necessarily looking to stop the merger completely, but is an attempt to open the topic up to more public dialogs and research. I encourage every past, present, and future member (as well as family and supporters) to sign the petition to get our voices heard.


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    Pam (Kahler) Lucarelli, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I am a Red Land graduate, class of 1997. I spent 4 wonderful years participating in marching band and I would not trade the experience for the world. I think this 'merger' is simply putting a Band-Aid on a larger district problem. West Shore School District motto is "Excellence in Education", but when it comes to musical education they have fallen short. While the teachers across the music program did they best with what resources they were given, the District was less the generous with what they provided. Many other districts push their children to take private lessons and excel on their instruments, and even some subsidize this. Simply put a music program can not grow and achieve greatness without talent. I never felt that the West Shore School District provided the support that the students need. The 'merger' is a stop-gap solution for the district. The music program is suffering, both in terms of talent and participation, so they have decided the best way to address it is to make is paper over the real problem. Alumni, teachers and students should be outraged. The school district should be encouraging students to participate in the music program and trumpeting their schools' achievements, just as they would any athletic program. I was a member of the Red Land Marching Unit, not the West Shore Marching Unit, and I want to see the students of today have the same experiences that remain with me to this day.
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    Administrator, United States

    7 years ago Comments: First, the reason the previous post was removed is because they did not use a valid e-mail address. Second, this is a petition and not a message board. By signing the petition to only voice your "disappointment" with the people who have signed it only adds to our numbers. Last, it is funny how you say "with the exception of MAYBE 1 or 2, I have not seen ANYONE at a competition showing support to the programs. Shame on all you dogmatic people." There are 10 people I PERSONALLY know that signed this petition that were at BOTH SOP and Spotlight. Just because someone can not make it to shows does not mean they do not support the programs. In fact, there is one family who has not been to shows on a regular basis since the 90's, but with out them NONE of your equipment would get to where it goes. So do not think for a moment that just because they can not make show, does not mean they do not support the programs. And yes, I am officially signing the petition with this long speech. I figured I would wait a little bit until it was going.
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    Admin, United States

    7 years ago Comments: The reason the previous post were yanked is because this is not a discussion forum, and also the person did not use a VALID e-mail address. If you want to discuss the issue, then go to PennLive. I will NOT keep post on this petition that do not have valid e-mail addresses.
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