Stop Donnie Darko 2

Donnie Darko was an incredible motion picture. For many film fans, it is one of the best moern movies ever made, and even non-fans can appreciate it for it's freshness and originality in a modern day Hollywood plagued by sequels, remakes and awful "re-imaginings". Despite an unedrwhelming run at the box-office, Donnie Darko became a hit when released on DVD, and quickly gained a large cult audienece. It was recently announced that a second Donnie Darko movie is to be made, entitled "S. Darko". This film is being made without the involvement of Richard Kelly the writer/director of the original movie. It is instead being directed by Chris Fisher, whose previous works include Nightstalker and Rampage: Thie Hillside Strangler Murders. These movies havebeen described by critics as... "ridiculous drivel" "stunningly bad" "waste of time" "gimmicky trash" "horrible" "garbage" "ridiculous drivel" I could go on. In fact, I will... "an exercise in total incompetence" "pointless" "poor" "wast of 94 minutes" It is quite simply unthinkable that this project will even come close to matching Richard Kelly's genius original, already viewed as a classic. We are all opposed to the creation of the movie "S. Darko" and are demanding the studio reconsiders this production. If this film ever meets completion, not only will it inevitably be greeted with reviews akin to those above, but will also insult the integrity of the medium of film as a whole.


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    Donnie Darko, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Is it really even a sequel The end left no room for anything. DONNIE IS DEAD! LET IT GO!
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