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No Trucks at Knight

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No Trucks on Knight at Night

Truck Noise Survey/Petition

Due to the new evening Vancouver Port hours there is a significant increase in truck traffic along the Knight St corridor, generating intolerable and unacceptable levels of nonstop truck noise in the evening! We need immediate support (1,000 signatures) from as many individual’s / residents as possible to fight for a fair resolution for the affected residents! It‘s in your and the communities’ best interest to stop the truck traffic from the Vancouver Port in the evening, asap! We need 1,000 signatures to have an impact, spread the word!!!!!

Protect one of the biggest investments of your life (property) from depreciating in value. Help prevent the quality of our lives from being marginalized!!! A few of the many negative impacts and hardships as a result of the evening truck noise is, prevention of sleep, and the detriment to your fundamental sanity and health. Enjoyment of your home with a reasonable amount of peace and quiet, is your individual right!

Search for “No trucks at night on Knight” on Facebook everyone can go, as a one-stop-shop for important links, updates, input, and audio/video submissions documenting evening truck noise (with time/date stamp) originating from Vancouver Port, to present to key individual/s for a timely resolution! This community Facebook page also contains all pertinent contact information of people to help us reach a solution, in a timely manner. In addition, for us to be effective, we need everyone to tweet, email & phone these contacts multiple times a day continuously, to jam up their accounts and keep us at the forefront of their minds. On Twitter search #AngryKnights.

Our objectives are, for our complaints to be focused and conveyed intelligently to key strategic individuals i.e. The Media (TV/Radio/Nwsprs), MLA’s, MP, City Hall, the appointed Port Councillors, Global Container Terminals/TSI, and ultimately Port Vancouver. The aforementioned parties will enable us to gain exposure, traction, and momentum to expedite a final resolution with the Vancouver Port.

We’ll also need the support of audio/video documentation from any source possible. Truck traffic noise level in the evenings along the Knight St corridor is unacceptable!

No professional rigorous environmental noise assessment was ever done by Vancouver Port. There was no pre-consultation from the (affected) communities/public by Vancouver Port.

Below is a sample of questions on a separate survey that will also greatly support our cause. You can receive this survey (pdf format) at your request via email:, fill it out, then send it back via same email address.
O Are you a resident near or along the Knight St corridor?
O Do you strongly feel that the truck traffic noise created by the Vancouver Port in the evening hours and weekends is unacceptable and having a significant negative impact on your quality of life?
O Are other residence in your property negatively impacted by the truck traffic noise created from the Vancouver Port? If so, how many? ________
O As a resident along the Knight St corridor, do you insist that Vancouver Port be closed in the evening hours to truck traffic.
O As a resident along the Knight St corridor, do you insist that Vancouver Port be closed on the weekends to truck traffic.
O If necessary are you willing to be contacted for further support, in respect to the truck traffic noise to help reach a fair resolution for the residents of the Knight St corridor and Vancouver Port?

(If you know of any other residents that would support this survey/petition, please inform them asap. It is crucial that as many of the residents of the Knight St corridor have input and participate, to reach a fair, immediate and definitive resolution with the Vancouver Port!)



July 16
We are now live!
  • Derek Higano
    Derek Higano Canada, Calgary
    Jul 13, 2016
    Jul 13, 2016
    From the Ports to the Bridge is INDY 500,or the 24 hour race. The noise is so loud from the big rigs coming down Knight. If I feel nervous waiting for the bus will surely wake you up. Good luck trying to talk because you can't hear anything but the noises from traffick
  • David Aboud
    Jan 11, 2015
    Jan 11, 2015
    There should also be more of a police or monitoring process on Knight. These trucks are constantly heard slamming on brakes for traffic lights, slowing down traffic by taking over both lanes and honking etc. in the early morning and late in the evening.
  • Dave Bains
    Dec 05, 2014
    Dec 05, 2014
    I'm a resident and I hate how much sleep they cause me to lose.
  • Benjamin Orlowski
    Benjamin Orlowski Canada, Vancouver
    Nov 28, 2014
    Nov 28, 2014
    Only 998 to go!


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