We were informed that within the next two years that Hydro Quebec will be installing smart meters...They TELL you it is to help even out your consumption..but the truth is.. It is a gimmick to allow them to charge you MORE during certain times of the FORCES you ( for Instance) into doing your laundry in the middle of the night to avoid " High Consumption rates" during peak times...If you are not able to meet their THEIR zig zagging rate are stuck with a higher than usual hydro bill. Let YOUR Hydro Company know..that this is NOT acceptable! No To mention..there are health concern because of the short bursts of radio frequency. It may not be much,,but coupled with cell phones,WI-FI and other wireless transmitters..more congested areas are going to have higher health risks. Please Sign this petition to leave our older, less threatening meters in place!,73,0


  • Steve McKee They can be refused in the UK and that is how it should be everywhere. I have no intention of accepting them.

  • Anonymous I do not want smart meters or smart anything in my home. These are surveillance devices designed to make us sick. All part of the Agenda21 population reduction. Kissinger et all can go to hell. We are controlled by evil, degenerate Luciferians. They are inhuman and should not be controlling our lives. Let them burn in hell.

  • Frank Mika No way! We will fall even further behind in out Hydro bill/

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