No new traveller site in the South Downs National Park!

We strongly object to plans by the Green Administration of Brighton & Hove City Council for a newstatic traveller site in the South Downs National Park at Horsdean. We urge the members of the South Downs National Park Authority to reject any planning application submitted by the Council for a new static traveller site at Horsdean. Residents have campaigned for many years for a South Downs National Park whose aim is to conserve and enhance the wildlife, natural beauty and cultural heritage of the South Downs and to protect it from inappropriate development. We believe that the Greens' plans for a traveller site at Horsdean are in direct contravention of those aims.
This area of land has been protected for generations both by 2 acts of parliament, compulsory purchase ordersand also Sir Herbert Carden, (Councillor 1895-1941 & Mayor 1916-19) bought thousands of acres when it became available, to sell on to the Corporation at cost to protect the water.
Since the development of the original site, evidence is being found to show that the water in Patcham is becoming contaminated at a rate of over double the national average. Patcham can supply nearly half the needs of the Brighton to Shoreham area. With continuing expansion of the City, resulting in increased pressure on the already limited supplies, can we afford to lose this source of drinking water? Please see blogs for further information or contact Patcham and Hollingbury Conservation Association at


Karen Miles - Patcham resident


South Downs National Park


  • Luci Page This is disgusting and there is clear evidence that travellers have no respect for the land as recently I was in Preston Park where they were staying and there was litter everywhere. They don't care about other people in the area and their sites are an eyesore and are filthy we do not want this in out beautiful countryside why should we - they don't pay any taxes!

  • Karen Miles "As the petition sponsor, I'm deeply concerned that you have made such a serious allegation, without any obvious proof. Where is the evidence?Wherever there has been any concern about the validity of petition signatures, it has rightly been flagged up for admin action.
    I can assure you that the SDNPA go through these petitions very carefully indeed, removing those that are in any way questionable or not authentic. This most Definetly, is not a "hate campaign" and I am not sure on what grounds you draw this inaccurate and, frankly offensive conclusion.
    The facts on this petition are correct and as the petition sponsor I entirely stand by it. I also note that this is your second comment on the petition and that your address is now London, not Brighton?!
    Clearly I have no control over who signs a publicly open petition or their reasoning for doing so, but it is an entirely genuine expression of the growing public opposition to the Horsdean (Ewe Bottom) planning application as it currently stands. I can assure you that any attempt to unduly influence it through the addition of false signatures will continue to be swiftly and firmly dealt with.

  • fat c unt There will not be enough pies left in the bakery

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