No New Power Station

Dear Citizens,

We the members of Conservation Connection and our allies believe that Sunshine City does not need any type of new power plant. Instead, city residents should use less electricity and eliminate the need for a new power station. 

We the undersigned do hereby petition the mayor of Sunshine City to begin electricity saving educational programs that will free our city from the destruction that will be caused by a new power plant and to abandon the disastrous idea of building such a plant.



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    Kaye member of conservation Connectiont, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: I think that sunshine city does not need any new power plant because ether way, all the other choices ( accept the egt ) will cause environmental problems (or make them worse).Acme atomic can cause cancer and other sicknesses. Edsel electric will burn non renewable sources which will soon run out. Hilman hydro will kill and stop fish from swimming upstream to mate. And finally im not going for the egt because to build the egt it will cost a lot of money and time. So, I think saving electricity is the best option because this method will save money, electricity, and no time.The advantages are good and non of the disadvantages will destroy the environment. There are a lot of ways you can save electricity and save the environment at the same time; you could use front loader washing machines, LED light bulbs and lots of other things. Saving will prevent and stop global warming because when you generate electricity, in the process it generates a huge amount of carbon dioxide which is released into the air. So when you're saving electricity, less electricity is produced so not as much carbon dioxide is released.
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    google, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
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    Heather, Canada

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