Say no to the new race/class combo

I understand that Blizzard needs to keep a balance between factions as to playable classes and I respect that concept, BUT in my opinion this is just over the line and no matter how many new artificial quest lines you add, they can never excuse what is happening. Tauren paladins, Night elf mages - It's as if Warcraft lore never existed.... PLEASE DON'T DO THIS, BLIZZARD!


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    aladdin, Netherlands

    6 years ago Comments: I can live with all of the new race/class combos, except the Tauren Paladin... Troll Druids, Dwarf Shamans, NIGHT ELF MAGES! If you must.... But Tauren Paladins.... No.
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    Flamedream, Ukraine

    6 years ago
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    Esata, Ukraine

    6 years ago Comments: /agree

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