Why should he be treated different! No more computer time or 'special' classes!



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    ovvtmjwcb, United States

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    Jon, United Arab Emirates

    2 years ago Comments: to be our best fvlaour.Indeed Amarena has been voted July best fvlaour of the month hit parade. Amarena was first in July with seventeen people caring to vote for it. Being Italian my self and coming from where the Amarene come from, I would love to share with you our process of how we make the gelato Amarena, I am sure you will find it interesting.Now regarding your comment on price. When we thought giapo in the project phase and now when we work at giapo we do not look at how much the consumers spend for something that exist. As mentioned before in my reply to Lance, which I sincerely recommend you to read, we are not good in marketing and forgot to pay attention about the price.The only thing we (were) are concerned about is what do we need to make this gelato the best gelato in the world? Now that you know a bit more about giapo I have an honest question for you:How much would you be happy to spend to have a cone of genuine gelato that is only done with best freshiest fruits for the sorbet ( never powders or frozen,) in example: the lemon is not just squeezed everyday but it is also coming from certified organic orchard, and in your respect best amarene, best milk of course, best chocolate, a huge ban on trans fat products and preservatives that apparently no other companies on the market is doing ( because these products are just cheaper to buy and taste almost the same) ?If your answer is less than seven dollars, well we got it as we have always had a small 5 dollars waffle cone aka Stella. Warren Buffet is known to say that price is what you pay value is what you get . Watch out.Ciao
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