No Harm Done!

  Starr Iva Middle's new principal has banned the use of phones, MP3 players, and other electrical devices on the buses for EVERYONE because he claims they're "dangerous". We beg to differ!

  They do not distract anyone except yourself if you have headphones in. So long as you're not blaring your music, showing it off, or THROWING it at someone, your phone or other electrical device is NOT dangerous!

  Who gave a middle school principal the right to control the BUS ADMINISTRATION OFFICE'S buses anyway?

  Music from these devices distracts kids and keeps them from causing too much trouble! The bus drivers can carry out their job safely, knowing that the kids aren't going to act up.

  Some kids are badly bullied on their buses! If they have their own music distracting them, the children can easily ignore whatever the bullies are saying to them. This helps kids avoid arguments that could lead to fist fights and other sorts of violence!



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