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In short this petition/boycott is in response to New Line\'s decision to move on with The Hobbit without Peter Jackson. This is a man that brought magic back into the cinema and made all those greedy money-grubbing execs at New Line rich. This decision not only shows complete disrespect to the filmmaker, but also to the fans of this franchise as well. This boycott on New Line and all its films is effective immediately, starting this weekend with their release of Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny. Let\'s send a real message to New Line, and let\'s hit them where it hurts: their pockets. UPDATE: As far as this boycott (which is not just limited to this particular petition - visit and sign their petition as well) is concerned, it was a success. Last weekend New Line\'s release of Tenacious D saw an opening of just 3.3 million. We may have won that battle, but the war is yet to be decided. This weekend, New Line is releasing it\'s movie The Natitivity - and with that, the boycott continues...


A very angry fan.


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