Re-Opening of Norma Jeane-(Marilyn Monroe\'s) Case files

Norma Jeane Baker, born in 1926,became the world widemostfamous actress, Marilyn Monroe. She died on august of 1962, death cause= suicide. Many of Norma Jeane\'s fans and friends, still believe that Norma Jeane did not commit suicide. Very blurry autopsy, with vanishing samples and quick results that were brought up, are the only thing that we all know,so far proved that she commited suicide. With so many people in doubt,there is still a chance Marilyn Monroe fans can fight for this cause. The case files, CAN be re-opened, and her body shall be exumed for further testings. Her remains were not burried UNDER GROUND, meaning they are free from water, most of conditions that deteriorate a body too quickly. With advanced technology and great specialists in the area, us fans , truly believe this case should have a different closure. And Norma Jeane will finally, rest in peace. Help us by signing it. Thank you Marilyn Monroe Forever.


Leticia Marsh Anna Hart and many other fans who truly believe this case was not a suicide.


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