Release Nintendo's Mother Series Worldwide!

Nintendo's Mother series barely saw the light of day outside Japan. It is a turn-based battle RPG not unlike Final Fantasy. The only game in the series to be released outside Japan was the second game, which is known as EarthBound. EarthBound wasn't released in Europe until 2013 on Wii U's Virtual Console. I, for one, enjoyed EarthBound, and am playing though it's quest for the thrid time now, but I want more from the series. Anyone who played the Super Smash Bros series would remember Mother characters who was playable in the games, namely Ness, who was the hero from EarthBound and has been in Super Smash Bros from the start, Lucas, the hero from Mother 3 and who appeared as a playable character in Super Smash Bros Brawl and Jeff, Ness's teammate in EarthBound who appeared as a Assist Trophy in Brawl. I think it's time Mother was played worldwide. And I know I'm not the only one.


Jamie Brinkley



  • ben hays DO IT NINTENDO!!!

  • Thalia Please release Mother 1+3 worldwide Nintendo! :)

  • Anonymous DO IT NINTENDO!!!!! .......Please?

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