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Why does it take 10 months for Nintendo to translate a DS game in to another language Why does it take 10 months to translate and convert a Wii game to pal format Why does Japan have all the exclusive Nintendo stuff Why is it that both Japan and America have a Nintendo world store(s) and Europe/UK doesn\'t I don\'t know the answers to these questions, which is why I am starting this petition, so that we can get our questions answered and maybe make a difference. Sign this petition is you agree with all or any of the following: -Nintendo should bring out a game in all territories in less than 3 months of it\'s origional release in the first country. For example, if Mario Galaxy was release in japan On January 1st then it should be brought out in Europe & America before march 1st (this counts for Wii and DS games) -Nintendo should open a Nintendo world store or official online Nintendo store somewhere in Europe (preferably England) -Nintendo should make more limited edition merchandise available in territories other than Japan, such as special edition DS lites or currently japan only merchandise. Please spread the word of this petition, thank you



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