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Local split screen multiplayer is an extremely imaportant part of many video games, particularly racing games. The majority of Need for Speed fans love the classic feel of the game, really enjoy playing it with friends or family, and not having local split screen multiplayer gets in the way of that. One player racing games rarely get played when friends are over, or at parties, and arerarely given as gifts to anyone.We are confident that localsplit screen multiplayer would drastically boost sales of the Need for Speed franchise, and even revive some of the old games.

We urge Electronic Arts/Criterion Games to release an update or add-on (paid or free) for at least two of the most popular recent titles (if not the four recent ones), Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Need for Speed Most Wanted, that would enable users to play localsplit screen multiplayer.

Criterion Games has done a great job with Need for Speed, with the exception of this feature. Please sign this petitionto show EA/Criterion your passionand love for the classic feel of the Need for Speed franchise!



  • chris Dude, i only bought this game so me n my brother can play racing does not need to be tampered split-screen and now i feel stupid for buying it thats y NFS has.gone down hill after the initial NFSMW

  • Xander Why do modern games lack this...

  • Travis I was going to get this game and two other NFS games, Most wanted and the new game, Rivals, So I could play them with some of my family, I saw them and immediately remembered the old days on the grey PlayStation one, Playing Hot Pursuit with my cousins and having a great time. Online Multiplayer is fine, But Split screen is a must for these games. EA and Criterion, I strongly recommend helping us out on this one. Need For Speed made me some great memories, Help me Do that again.

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