New School-Glen Oak Park, Peoria, IL

We the undersigned, petition the Peoria Park District Board. We urge a repeal to the vote that was taken on Wednesday, December 20, 2006 by the Peoria Park Board that rejected an intergovernmental agreement with Peoria Public School District 150. Peoria Public School District 150 has intended to build a new school on property adjacent to Glen Oak Park and utilizing a portion of the park through an intergovernmental agreement. A new school at the Glen Oak Park site and adjacent properties will give our children of this community a great educational experience with unlimited benefits by being located by such a great park. We urge a repeal of the vote and encourage an intergovernmental agreement so a new school can be built at this site to benefit the children of this community. NOTE: PLEASE TYPE YOUR ADDRESS IN THE COMMENT SECTION. YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD AND LIVE IN THE CITY OF PEORIA TO SIGN THIS PETITION. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.


Peorians for better schools.


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    Samantha McClintick, United States

    8 years ago
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    Michael Levine, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I am in support of a school located in the park. However, I did not like the way my neighbors were told of the plan. I feel that all compensation is owed to them for the trauma they were placed under and I pray for a just resolution. I remain a resident of the East Bluff after many of my friends and neighbors have moved-out. I will continue to support single-family, owner-occupied development as a solution for the East Bluff. I speak with a background of experience and commitment to this neighborhood and the community-at-large. I have put both my life and my career on the line to serve honorably and with good reputation. I believe that it is the job of good government to provide for the best dollar-value in the deployment of public funds. Placing the school in Glen Oak Park will show the community that taxing-bodies can work together and provide for the wise use of public monies. This project could bring the best opportunity for the City, the Park District, and the School District to share resources than any of the other proposals. Thus saving tax dollars and providing quality services through the following: Site Safety will be enhanced because now City Police, Park Police, School Police, and State Police will be able to share services giving better coverage within a more concentrated area. The other site will restrict this benefit. The mutual deployment of police agencies has been successful on many different levels. Student safety will be enhanced because the record of emergency calls is higher within the area of the present school that is a site offering less agency coverage. I have observed a constant flow of school buses into the park, at all times of the year, with no incidents of danger. Busing removes children from the larger hazard of walking to school down streets with no sidewalks or through dangerous intersections. The large number of stop signs posted in recent years and the record of accidents should support this observation. In addition, the emergency response to a school bus incident is elevated bringing help much quicker when compared to a pedestrian or street-side injury. Children have traveled to Glen Oak Park for years going to school, after school, during vacations, on weekends, for field trips, most often by foot or bike, during the rush hour, or major events; sometimes supervised, but more often on their own. By pooling police and district resources at the park site child safety will only be enhanced. Otherwise, you will still be left with more children arriving (sometimes walking or in buses), but without the improved safety patrols and the district more vulnerable to raising taxes for security as the new zoo project takes shape. Just because a child may be culturally or socially disadvantage, does not mean they lack intellect or talent. If we would take a moment from our biases and explorer the possibilities that a school in the park setting might bring to the enrichment of a child
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    Laurie McBride, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Peoria kids deserve world-class schools! Let's do what it takes to make sure Peoria's kids are getting the best.
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