New Fedora Restaurant 239 West 4th St NY NY 10014

We the undersigned are delighted that a first rate restaurateur has been selected to continue the Fedora name at 239 West Fourth Street; however, we are diametrically opposed to Gabe Stulman’s plan to extend the hours of operation of this establishment from a quiet neighborhood restaurant to “an elegant Supper CLUB” open seven days a week until 4AM or even 2AM. This is a primarily a residential area and the addition of any kind of CLUB will subtract dramatically from the quality of life of all neighbors.This is especially true of a CLUB located in a mid-block location on a very narrow street with a sidewalk only wide enough for passersby to walk single file. Moreover, given the already too high density of current liquor licenses (27 in a 500 foot radius), we’re requesting the hours of the new Fedora conform with neighboring restaurants, closing at midnight during the week and 1AM on Friday and Saturday evenings. We are also requesting a stipulation that the rear garden of 239 West 4th Street, which faces the interior courtyards of landmarked buildings from West 10th, West 4th and Charles Street, not be used now or in the future either for customers or employees on a break. In addition, if any licensee adds venting, exhaust and/or air conditioning systems, all new units must conform to state, local and federal noise and pollution standards.

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    Tom Lamia, United States

    5 years ago Comments: No one that I know in the neighborhood goes out to dinner at 11 p.m (or later) so the only reason for these late hours is the CLUB appeal of self-selection of attractive young people (who happen to like to be out after midnight in fashionable surroundings with an active bar crowd). I can see the appeal, but this is not what Fedora has been for its fifty plus years. This proposal represents a quantum change in the nature of the enterprise at this location. The result will be that it will draw from the surrounding restaurants that close at midnight those that want to continue to party. Finally, hours later, when all about them are asleep in their homes above the CLUB, exuberant groups will be leaving the CLUB and continuing their party in our streets and front gardens. Enough. The CB charter is to protect quality of life and is empowered by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law to advise the SLA regarding these license issues; it does not approve or deny; it is not an executive or judicial agency. Its function is to advise, period. Here the advice should be obvious: this is a major break with the past practices of the licensee and the proposed operation is overwhelmingly opposed by the neighborhood residents.
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    Timothy Lunceford, United States

    5 years ago Comments: -
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    Penny House, United States

    5 years ago Comments: This is a residential neighborhood which is already totally overburdened with late night restaurants and bars. People spill out on the streets up and down West Fourth and other streets, making them impossible to get by. ENOUGH ALREADY. More of these establishments will not improve the West Village but make it unpleasant place to live while making a lot of money forpeople who do NOT care about the quality of life.
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