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For the past several years students at Stafford High School have been forced to deal with an athletics program that is far from superior.Parents from all sports programs have discussed their issues with the Athletic Director only to find no action was ever taken. All the parents ever got was the trademark \"Thank you for your input, we will look into it\".None of the parents issues were ever addressed, just simply covered up. Unfortunately for the students at Stafford High the athletic director has been allowed to keep his job even though he was not performing the duties and responsibilities of his school position.It is time for a change at Stafford High School. The students and parents should not have to settle for less than a superior athletics program.They deserve the same opportunities that are at the other schools in the county.


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    Jim Morris, United States

    7 years ago Comments: If you look at the Stafford Schools home page you see in big letters " INSPIRING EXCELLENCE ". There is anything but that going on with Stafford Athletics. The only thing Wes Bergazzi is excellent in is not dealing with problems and telling lies to make you think he is doing his job. How can you have a person in his position that on more than one occasion has told a coach, if that kid is not one of your best players, get rid of them. Their parents are a pain. I also wonder why his neighbors ask, does Wes ever do any work, he is at home alot. I could go on and on and will later if need be when I climb the administrative ladder and the media. That must be who I need to talk to since Mr. Lewis has said it is not his job to investigate what Bergazzi did before he got there. But it is time for all this B.S. to end. The end is when Bergazzi is gone. He has got to be accountable for what has gone on at Stafford for the past 7 years that I know of.
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    Jim Morris, United States

    7 years ago
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    richard angelet, United States

    7 years ago Comments: There is a serious need to replace the existing athletic director at Stafford High School. The AD has failed the parents of SHS baseball players over the years, allowing baseball coaches to do and say whatever they pleased without ramification. With years of frustration, the parents of SHS baseball players, current and past, banned together to present the SHS principle and others evidence of poor coaching leadership and interaction. This information was the same presented to the AD over the years, which resulted in zero change. The problems with the baseball program started with the coaches, but surely included the inactiveness and ignorance of the AD. SHS deserves an AD that truly cares about the all the athletic programs, who has high moral and ethical standards. One who will take immediate and deliberate action on reports of improper conduct and other issues. The current AD does not fit this mold. He does not care and his response to issues and programs are extensively lacking. It is time for leadership change at the AD level and you must seriously address our concerns.
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