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On Wenesday September 18,2002 The Bronze at was shut down and when the site was revamped the Bronze was no more. The Bronze community has been scattered yet again and we are demanding a new messageboard. If UPN does not intend to create a new messageboard it is our right to know. They welshed on some promises the last time around and we shouldn\'t let them screw us around too. Any new board created must have moderators dedicated to preserving the peace and allow certain html tags. Any person who provides links to inappropriate site should be reported and banned. We\'re not asking much. We just want a decent,pleasant board to post on.


I, BlackMagickBitsy, have decided that Bronzers should not just wait and see if UPN will throw us a bone. The last time the Bronze was shut down it was four months before it was put up again. Visit the board at...



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