Nestle, stop patenting human milk components!

Nestle (Nestec S.A.) has patents and patent applications at the US Patent & Trademark Office that makes claims on the use of human milk components to create new infant formulas, foods, food supplements, and pharmaceuticals. These patents and patent applications are destructive to the preservation and protection of breastfeeding. The commercialism of human milk component products reduces a natural, traditional, and free life-giving activity into a commodity that can be bought, sold, and profited by an industry. An industry that has made its profits on the destruction of breastfeeding. For centuries, breastfeeding has been a safety-net for babies against disease, hunger, and death. A breastfeeding mother need not depend on the whims of the market or the actions of huge companies whose purpose is profits. In 1955 Edward R, Murrow asked Jonas Salk, inventor of the vaccine against polio, "Who owns the patent on the vaccine?" Salk answered, "Well the people I would say. There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?" How times have changed and now we have an industry that believes that they have the right to patent from a natural substance.



  • nathalie otte Patenting human milk like nestle obviously plans or patenting the genome of a certain pig like monsanto already has IS LIKE PLAYING GOD. Exept there is no wisdom or caring behind this, just corporate power and greed.

  • Carla mendoza Breastmilk is the only milk for babies.

  • Hanne Beittel patenting human milk components is totally absurd, but more than that it is extremely dangerous as it is part of a larger aggressive effort of companies to put patents on natural life substances that belong to all who live on this planet

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