When i first sign up for Neopets, i tried to sign up more than one account. For goodness for all those out there, don\'t tell me that you actually read all the terms and condition and acknowledgement that you agree to usually people will just click that i have read.. etc.. and in their mind they just know they won\'t do anything against the terms, what\'s the big thing they might do at most only playing in the site what else! I tried to sign up more than one account, and then when i sign up to four account, they say i\'m only limited to four account per email. so i had four.. and one day . they just took away all my accounts.. with no chance given at all, saying because i had more than one account. i always had in mind of what they wrote, something like\" only four account is allowed per email address\" something like that... NO NOT AT ALL.. after that i was so angry.. i somehow post messages at some place like some neopets guild yahoo groups etc, and there are several who also encounter the same problem .. of having their accounts taken away for no reason.. like there was a friend of mine.. she played very long.. and one day they suspect her of cheating as she had too much neopoints, but luckily she had some kind of evidence or proof.. i can\'t rem.. only then they let her retain the account.. the neopet is a fun kid/adult community virtual pet site.. how could they just took away the account with any consideration many of them actually put in lots of effort... so in that case why are they taking away the account without even a single chance given. ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO DIDN\'T REALLY DO GREAT WRONGS.. Even if they have really done some wrong.. there should be chance given, like a fine, a punishment, or suspense the account for a Known amount of time. I just had my first 1.3 million neopoints in four months at neopet when i start with only about 250np. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH EFFORT THAT IS! and they just took the accounts away like it\'s nothing and that i deserve it! what the ...






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    Jennabel, Russian Federation

    2 years ago Country: Cambodia
    Comments: Thought it wuoldn't to give it a shot. I was right.
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    Coneil, United States

    2 years ago Country: Liberia
    Comments: Wilhard, I love hearing from you and pray for you. When we look at the gtworh that is taking place around the world, we cannot overlook the fact that the Kenya East Territory is one of the fastest growing territories in the Army world.Your people are committed to taking Jesus to their community and I for one celebrate that amazing reality. How I wish we could see that kind of gtworh in our territory.
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    MultiMajola, Brazil

    2 years ago Country: Christmas Island
    Comments: Some folks, however, may get a litlte bored and stir crazy at home. Let them do what they enjoy doing. But maybe let us not whip them into a frenzy over such huge savings on necessary or unnecessary stuff, so much so that they trample each other after forcing the doors open. Not humanity's finest hours.
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