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We, the Undersigned, are sick in the stomach and hurt in the heart due to all the rape and sexual assault, drunken driving deaths, child abuse and neglect, divorce, anxiety and other psychological disorders, cirrhosis of the liver and other health problems, enslavement through addiction and dependence, bad decisions, destroyed property, drunk driving deaths and injuries, depression, damaged property of innocent business owners, insincerity and phony personalities, rowdy and obnoxious behavior, avoiding dealing with problems, sour moods, rage, angst, violence, clogged courts, declined productivity in labor and a host of other problems caused and / or instigated and / or worsened by alcohol. We recognize that alcohol is pernicious and harmful similar to currently illegal drugs. We do not believe it should not be considered legitimate to permit the sale and distribution of this horrible drug. We the undersigned are baffled as to the legal system\'s desire to keep alcohol use legitimate despite all the endless harm it seems to cause and aggravate, we ask \"What great good does alcohol do that justifies its continued legalization despite all this horrific harm\" We the Undersigned demand a Neo-prohibition of alcohol. We recommend a ban of alcohol. We do not believe users should be imprisoned or penalized for mere consumption of alcohol for alcohol is its own punishment. We do believe the government shall direct its efforts in eradicating produced alcohol and the process alcohol production.


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  • Anonymous Lets take a trip back in time and prohibit alcohol. alcohol is devastating for many many reasons, its not any different than a heroin user using dope to feel better. same exact thing, this is the 21st century and we don't need or want alcohol in our society. please pass thus petition along and get it out to many many people, i think were already beating a dead horse with thus petition but think of all the people that lost their lives because of alcohol. this worlds would be such a great place without the drunken bums killing innocent people. PROHIBIT ALCOHOL!!!

  • Michael Clew This needs to be done, we cannot deseive ourselves any longer.

  • Dave Oliveri it like drinking dead man poison ban it please.

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    Country: United Kingdom
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    Julie Scott

    2 months ago State: -
    Country: United Kingdom
    Comments: My father was an alcoholic and recently passed away. Myself and my family have had to go through the pain of watching him kill himself and people need to be made aware that alcohol kills people and needs to be banned!!
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    Ben Tebby

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    Country: Canada
    Comments: alcohol is a dire threat to the proletariat and needs to be prohibited world wide because it causes nothing but trouble damages families scars people for life and leads to rape murder domestic violence clogs the ER'S of hospitals which is why it needs to stop soon or it will destroy the human race the choice is urgent unless we want to wind up like those idiots in neworleans during mardigras
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