Neighbours Omnibus

As much as I love to watch Neighbours each week...the time slots it sits in sometimes clash with other appointments...But now imagine yourself in a world where, like Eastenders, Hollyoaks, Coronation Street Neighbours has itself a weekly omnibus.


Neighbours Fans Everywhere.


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    georgie.., United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: please bring back the omnibus edition .. having moved to Five i have not been able to watch neighbours at all . there used to be omnibus why has it gone .. i am totally lost now
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    sazzie, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: whats next on neighbours carmellas pregnant with oliver is some how going to find out but more kirsten is chasing mickey trying to win the fight.kirsten says something horrible to janae,janae attacks her by throwing her drink at her forgetting the rules janae and kirtsen start having a fight but lou and harold brake it up ned finds out and gets mad at janae.miranda talks to janae and ned comes back to apoligise mickey finds out and ignores janae but then he's nice to janae again. janae goes to court for her bad behavier but wins anyway.kirsten steals mickey and takes her with him mickey finds a telephone box and calss janae and ned.kirsten sees and takes away jane and ned find them everything settles and its all ok.ringo gets back with rachel but she there something going on with him and pepper so she brakes up with him.pepper and adam go to cairns stieger is ill...carmella falls in love with a new stranger in the neighbour hood a man called marco when oliver finds out he tells carmella the truth and brakes her heart oliver dosnt really love her.bridget gets hit by a car but noone nows who it is until susane finds out she drove declans car by accident and mickey says it was declans fault because it was declans car but when they find out its susane miranda and susane her self wants to get punished.with miranda getting angry with susane bridget tells miranda it was an acciedent and susane dosnt need to get punished put miranda threatens susan and says shes not forgiving susane for what shes done. didge drowns and declans saves her with a try of a kiss but she pushes him away and trys to skip school while at the swimming pool she finds her crush and tells her not to be afraid so next day she faces the consequences and suddenly her fears have passed .... ill teel u more but before i tell the rest this is big news and im not to shure about the first one 1.neds going to propose to guess who .........janae2.and secound janae,frazer and rosie are leaving but not just yet in 2008 so dont panic.....
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    john ison, India

    8 years ago Comments: spot on wake up bbc, also show reruns from the start
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