Neighbors Against the Branham Lounge

Dear City of San Jose Council members, Planning Commissioners, & Planning Department: We, the undersigned, object to allowing the bar, the Branham Lounge, to do business in the Branham Plaza, near the intersection of Branham Lane and Pearl Avenue. Specifically, please deny the re-zoning request from a Planned Development to a Commercial Pedestrian zone, and please deny the Conditional Use permit to allow a bar in that strip mall. We do not want the higher traffic, the higher density, nor the increased risk of drunk drivers that would come from new zoning and allowing a bar in our neighborhood. Furthermore, this is a residential area, with four schools and a library within walking distance of the proposed bar. Any bar is not characteristic with our family friendly neighborhood. (Please sign with your name, as staying anonymous doesn't help our numbers. Thanks for your support!)


Pinehurst Neighborhood Association



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    Jean H. Shoe, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I have lived in this neighborhood for over 30 years. There are 4 schools in the Pearl Ave area, which is a very short street. I do not believe that an alcoholic lounge should be allowed in this area. Please deny this request!!!! There are too many children walking down this street for school or the library which is just the other side of the fire station !!!
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    Kari Santoro, United States

    2 years ago Comments: The existence of an alcohol serving establishment in this location is completely inappropriate as there are SEVERAL elementary schools in the nearby vicinity. This is a family friendly neighborhood and establishments such as this as well as the cannibus outfit have no place here. It is bad enough having our children see people lighting up their joints while in their cars in the parking lot. The last thing our children need to witness is individuals hanging out after starting their drinking routine at 10:00am, when the establishment opens. Our area, as most others, has already experienced an increase of crime in our neighborhood. Having this type of establishment in this family friendly area can be no benefit to the people who live here. We respectfully request that the City Council Members SERIOUSLY consider our request of denying the rezoning request. Thank you.
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    Joan Petty, United States

    2 years ago Comments: We have lived here since 1968 and would hate to see this happen to our great neighborhood.
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